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Newspaper: Some parts of Britain may be under water by 2030

Newspaper: Some parts of Britain may be under water by 2030

British newspapers have published maps showing how parts of Britain will be flooded by 2030.

The British newspaper “Express” said floods this year had plunged many parts of the world into crisis, causing extensive damage in Germany, the United States and parts of Britain.

The new maps were prepared by the U.S. Institute of Climate Science, according to a newspaper report that the UK will have to deal with regular and increasingly dangerous floods as sea levels rise by 2030.

In 2021, floods caused one of the worst disasters caused by climate change.

The Climate Center has mapped relative ‘dry’ sites that can experience moderate flooding. The map, which was collected and reviewed from scientific journals, found that by 2030 the UK may have a completely different coastline.

Their data indicated large areas of the UK, mainly the UK – in red, indicating their vulnerability.

The organization estimates that the east coast of the UK is at high risk as the Yorkshire region needs to be prepared for increased flooding and a large area off the east coast of the UK could be submerged.

The map, in dark red, outlined the landscape from the coast to Cambridge.

According to the newspaper, the ranking will not come as a surprise to residents, as the region has long had the lowest in the country.

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