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Next to the Passat or Superb, the Ford Mondeo looks like a dinosaur. However, it is used better

Mondeo offers excellent driving characteristics and high comfort. This car is equipped with the latest technology, including advanced safety features and advanced infotainment systems. The American car was evaluated by Philip Kucera.

Although a two-liter TDCi diesel engine with a capacity of 110 kW was running under the hood of the tested unit, I was completely satisfied with it. The four cylinders are quiet when driving and power comes on relatively smoothly, which contributes to ride comfort. A motorway trip at 170 km/h would mean consumption of exactly ten liters, while a Czech 130 km/h would drop consumption to just under seven litres. In the city it’s no problem to drive for eight, and outside the city you can attack consumption starting at five. In terms of fuel consumption, Mondeo belongs to the middle and does not deviate from the norm. At the end of the test, the consumption of 5.7 l / 100 km from the dashboard lit me up.

Mondeo didn’t convince me of the cabin’s design. In some ways, it resembles the similarly built Insignia from Opel, which wastes centimeters with its unnecessary durability. Mondeos are completely different in terms of driving performance. Where the Passat should have adaptive dampers, Ford can do so with a naturally tuned chassis. It conquers bumps like a flying carpet over eighteen-inch wheels, flies confidently along the highway and spoils the crew with its low noise level. Traveling the 130 in a Mondeo is as boring as listening to politicians debate. So it’s better to drive at 160 on the German autobahn, when the kilometers go faster.

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Perfect noise reduction, with the exquisitely modified body can bring you speeding fines. Ford manages to suppress the perception of speed, and the driver has no choice but to constantly monitor the speedometer. Skating through the fifties requires a fair amount of self-discipline.

With some heft and heft, the Mondeo lets new drivers know its territory is primarily highways. If you do not allow yourself to be deterred and press the gas pedal to the floor, you will be horrified by the large body tipping over in the corners. However, the status of a bored person is only capable of doing anything for fun. The longer you drive this car, the more you will appreciate it. If you overcome the initial awkwardness of sharp driving, you will see a beautifully legible car that can give joy and will not be put off by even more aggressive handling. As a result, the Mondeo is distinguished by its relaxed character during normal travel and the chassis’ ability to fly through corners at above average speed.

Driving is hard at first, but I quickly get used to it. It communicates by constantly pulling the steering wheel into the ruts and flagging every cobblestone on the road during sharp driving. You can feel exactly when the worn tires are struggling with the loss of grip on the asphalt and thanks to this you have time to react. Therefore, Mondeo certainly does not lack communication skills – it is legible and straightforward. I was annoyed that I hadn’t figured out how to completely disable the lane keeping system. She only managed to limit her activity to a minimum.

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The brakes and manual transmission work just like the Mondeo’s steering. The braking effect is fantastically determined and does not weaken even during wild driving. Given the Mondeo’s heavy weight and how well this car hides speed, the front brake won’t last long. At the rear, there is no such wear, but you have to change the brake components just as often – the culprit is the wear that eats the discs.