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Next week .. "Ain Shams Engineering" celebrates first dual degree with the University of East London

Next week .. “Ain Shams Engineering” celebrates first dual degree with the University of East London

Ain Shams University, led by Dr. Mahmoud L-Madini, celebrates the first batch of students from the Faculty of Engineering who have received dual degrees from prestigious international programs, which includes 11 projects in conjunction with Essen University in London, next week, Sunday at the Al-Jabaran Palace.

It was attended by Ayman Saleh, Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research, Hisham Tamras, Vice President of Social Services and Environmental Development, Omar Al Husseini, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Deputy Dean of Education and Student Affairs, and Dr. Mahmoud Khalil, Director of Faculty Programs.

The agreement, signed between Ain Shams and the University of East London, provides for the provision of undergraduate students in prestigious interdisciplinary programs in all disciplines from the University of East London, and is committed to providing courses offered by the College of Engineering. According to the contract to ensure the quality of the educational process and the complementary services for the educational activities provided. It is also committed to simplifying the procedures for enrolling students in research programs offered by the University to ensure the protection of student data. Conducting selection assessments for each project. The University of English grants students a science degree and certificate upon successful completion of each research program.

The University of East London is one of the largest universities in London, founded over 120 years ago and covers many faculties in various disciplines including architecture, computers, engineering, arts and digital industries, business administration and law, and social sciences. Psychology, health, sports and biological sciences. Architecture is one of the distinctive features of the University, as it ranks eleventh in the UK in the Guardian category of architecture and second in London, and the University is one of the highest ranked universities in the UK.

A team from the University of East London visited the Faculty of Engineering at Ein Shams University several months ago and during this visit the college, classrooms and halls, computer labs for three departments, central laboratories and workshops, the college’s central library and quality assurance division. Therefore, the Accreditation Committee praised the educational services and their quality.