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Nicholas Giraud: L'astranaute outperforms American space films |  a dialogue

Nicholas Giraud: L’astranaute outperforms American space films | a dialogue

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French star Nicolas Giraud is participating in the official competition of the festival with his latest work, L’astranaute – in its world premiere – and the film that Giraud directed, wrote and starred in is one of the most important films of the competition this year. After his presentation, the audience greeted him with a standing ovation, and the applause extended for several minutes in a row.celebrity newsNicholas talked about the movie; he also revealed the secret of his frequent visits to the pyramids.

I was the first French filmmaker He presents a film about the world of space and the dream of flying in it. How did the idea come to you?

By nature, I don’t know how the idea of ​​any new movie comes to me; But I might liken myself to an archaeologist who digs and searches inside feelings and sensations; until I find my desired goal and present it; As for L’astranaute, she has been writing the story since 2010; And I remember that at this time I had ended my relationship with a girl I loved; To begin immediately after writing the story; A young boy lives alone with his grandmother and has a dream of becoming an astronaut.

You mentioned that you wrote the story for the movie in 2010; So why was it so late in coming out to the light during that period?

Because it is a film the likes of which had not been presented in French cinema before; It is the first French film that deals with the passion of flying into space; It was not easy for me to find a production company to finance the film. Because that quality is monopolized by Hollywood cinema; And rarely do we find another country making a movie about space.

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Weren’t you afraid of comparison regarding the technical level with the space world films presented by Hollywood cinema?

Absolutely; I find myself a unique person who is able to make a film that touches audiences around the world; Indeed, L’astranaute was very different from American space movies; Because I was keen to present a realistic film, not a story closer to fiction. It only depends on techniques and visual effects; My main motive was to confirm that the owner of any dream is capable of hard work. To turn his dream into reality.

The ending of the film sparked controversy; Where some saw that the hero’s success in realizing his dream by creating a space rocket with stolen components; an order that may be illegal; While others saw that the goal of the good hero intercedes for him.. Did you expect this controversy to occur after filming the movie?

Of course I do not encourage theft; But as for the story, as long as the theft of the material does no harm to anyone; rather, it will result in achieving a big dream; I am with what “Jim” did, even if I were in his place in my real life. stealing items from my employer is my only way to go into space; I will definitely do as he did.

How do you find the balance on set between being behind the camera and starring at the same time?

This is the way I love to do it; When I write the story of a new movie; I find myself wanting to reincarnate all the characters I write about; But of course this is impossible; So I contented myself with embodying the character closest to me in the story. And I know that this is exhausting and tiring in combining the task of directing and starring; But in the end, I love my work. And I always want it to come out closer to the ideal; Even if it causes the staff to get angry at me during work.

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So would you describe yourself as a difficult director when dealing with the work team?

I am not difficult; but I work hard; For me, any new project is like a fetus whose mother is eagerly awaiting its release. With the effort and focus that we all put into the film; I am waiting for it to come to light quickly so that I can see the result of this effort. And then those who worked with me will know that this desired result was the reason for my clinging to perfection in all the details of the work.

Your artistic beginning was as an actor, after which you decided to become a directing professional. Is the reason for that transformation because acting did not satisfy the passion within you as an artist?

Exactly this is exactly what happened to me; I do not find myself just a “model” performing in front of the camera; That is why I decided to wear the director’s helmet that satisfies all the feelings inside me that I want to present on the screen.

I learned that since your arrival in Cairo, you have visited the pyramids area three times; Is there a secret in it?

I am preparing for a new film project; In it, I embody the personality of a scientist researching the origins of life on the surface of the planet; She made sure to visit the pyramids as part of preparing for the character.

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