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Nicole came to get angry at the villa and it was rough -

Nicole came to get angry at the villa and it was rough –

Source: With the consent of Nicole Martinkova

Like home

Today, viewers on Prime can watch another installment of the reality show LIKE HOUSE, where a group of influencers spend three months in a single villa. Viewers witness their daily lives, relationships, joys and sorrows – and how they cope with various challenges and competitions. The influencer, who gets the most votes from the audience, will become the winner of the reality show and receive a prize of half a million crowns. This time, Marek Valachik’s ex-girlfriend Nicole came to the villa to say it and he was a real voice.

All Like Hossam Currently moving Novel by Marek Valashik, nicknamed Datle a Barry Stretska, who started it Plots continue at the time he was dating the magician Nicole Martinkova.

Now she decided to go to Like House to tell the truth, which it says must be heard.

I came to comment because no one gave me space. When I wanted to comment, I was broken. She said on a reality show, “It seems to me that Marek doesn’t realize how much this affects me.”

“Getting to the villa was my initiative, I don’t want Marek to direct anyone here. If you don’t have the ball to tell the camera, tell it to youWind instrumentShe continued, “She did not let herself be sold.

“You’re contradicting each other, you and Bara wrote to each other before they started Like House. You reassured me that you didn’t like Bara. You’re an idiot. When it happened on that line, we were together,” she added.

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As Nicole burned down clear and realistic arguments, Marek Valashik looked like a fool who had become so embroiled in the relationship triangle that he had no idea how to get out of it.

The only thing he could do is, “I didn’t think you’d come here because you said you didn’t want to deal with it.”