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Americký prezident Joe Biden

‘No big deal.’ The people of Biden have changed the political strategy for negotiations with the DBRK world

Washington The administration of US President Joe Biden has reviewed Washington’s policy on North Korea. White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaoqi told reporters at the Presidential Air Force in Philadelphia on Friday that complete nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula was one of the goals. However, the AP wrote that he did not disclose the details.

“Our policy is not focused on reaching a big deal, it does not rely on strategic patience,” Zaki said, referring to the attitudes of the previous two US presidents. When Republican Donald Trump began to use the term “great bargaining” in foreign policy, his predecessor, Democrat Barack Obama, preferred the policy of “strategic patience” in the DBRK.

Zaki said the previous four governments had failed to force Pyongyang to give up nuclear weapons. According to him, the Joe Biden administration will take a “pragmatic approach”. Sackie’s statement on “strategic patience” suggests that Biden may take a middle ground somewhere between Obama and Trump’s policies, the AP writes.

Donald Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un three times and wrote several letters. However, Trump’s efforts in diplomatic negotiations did not make a difference, and then relations between the two leaders cooled. The North Korean regime said at the time that it would not continue talks with the United States until Washington ended its hostility to the DPRK. Barack Obama has rejected tough diplomatic relations with the DPRK, with Reuters reporting that Pyongyang has taken no action to reduce tensions.

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Zaki had previously said that the United States wanted to take diplomatic action with North Korea to help destroy nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang, which has long called for the lifting of sanctions, has so far rejected attempts by the current US government to establish diplomatic relations.