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No Man's Sky has significantly improved the graphics this time

No Man’s Sky has significantly improved the graphics this time

No Man’s Sky is like a legendary phoenix: it’s one of the game’s most powerful revival stories, which may have disappointed everyone at the time of its release to gradually fulfill all the original promises with the constant care of the authors – and then outsmarted them. We are somehow used to the fact that new features and improvements are regularly added to the game. But this time around, it’s clearly a graphic leap forward, which takes advantage of the performance of newer graphics cards and, of course, new consoles. Judge yourself in the responsibility Trailer for a movieHow much better the game looks now.

The new update 3.5 called “Prism” is added to the game:

  • Screen Area Reflections (Advanced Optical Reflections)
  • Volumetric lighting (more impressive effects of ship or robot lights, but also glowing plants)
  • Hyperdrive Warp Effects (Improve appearance and sound transmission over extra distances)
  • DLSS for PC players with compatible cards (twofold increase in FPS)
  • More vibrant interiors and better cave lighting
  • Parallax blockage mapping (more visible shapes of rough surfaces)
  • Improved flashlight effects (dynamic mode on spacesuit + improvements see above)
  • Refraction (distorted image behind glass or force field)
  • Articulated starry sky (you will now see more stars in the distance)
  • Coat of Extraterrestrial Creatures (Extra Gravity)
  • Auroral Rays (enhanced effects for “Pillars of Light” or “Fingers of God”)
  • New additional details on the surface of the planets
  • Enhanced rain effects (drops now distort light)
  • Enhanced particle effects (explosions, etc.)

In addition to these technical improvements, the game has also received new game content, such as flying mounts and more. You can view the full list, including samples Here On the official website of the game.

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