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No more waiting in the offices. It is also possible to request the exchange of a driver’s license electronically

People whose driver’s license has expired can now facilitate its replacement. From June, it is possible to use the new functionality of the citizen portal, the so-called eSubmission, and apply to exchange a driver’s license electronically using a databox.

The standard exchange is free, and the new driver’s license can then be obtained at any municipal office with extended powers. It is possible to apply for a new card no later than ninety days before its expiration.

“Every year, approximately half to three quarters of a million people have to change their driver’s licenses after ten years of validity. Recently, they can save one office visit and handle everything easily online. Thanks to Citizen’s Portal, an application can be submitted Within a few minutes thanks to a few clicks”, said Transport Minister Karel Havlíček.

Applicants can log in to the citizen portal, for example, via e-citizen, e-government mobile key, via a data box or via a bank ID. The portal will then show the applicant a form pre-filled with data from the central driver’s register, thus saving the applicant time.

This data also includes the most recent photograph from the selected state’s records and a digital photo of the signature from the last driver’s license.

However, the requirement to submit the application is a data box attached to a natural person. Thus, using it in an eSubmission will ensure a clear identification of the person submitting the application. The applicant can then choose which municipal authority has extended powers to obtain a new driver’s licence.

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Before submitting a binding application, it is enough to confirm that the previously filled out data is correct and that the applicant’s current form corresponds to the presented image. If he does not answer, the applicant will have to go to the nearest office, where a new photo will be taken, as it has been until now.

SMS reminds you to capture

After confirming the accuracy of the data, the request will be sent through the natural person’s data box to the registry office of the chosen office. In the application, the applicant also creates an SMS or e-mail, through which he receives information about the approval or rejection of the application. Within twenty days, a notification will be sent to an SMS or email that the applicant has a new driver’s license and is ready for collection.

“People in the Czech Republic are increasingly using electronic communications with the authorities, and the benefits of e-government have been mainly manifested during the coronavirus pandemic, when there has been a sharp increase in its use. Applying for a driver’s license online is another service that will provide a sharp increase in its use,” added Interior Minister Jan Hamacek. time for the citizens and the authorities themselves.

3.7 million people can already log into the citizen portal with their electronic identity, 307,000 users have a natural person data box. The data box can be easily set up online directly in the citizen portal. There, it is now also possible to find out the current status of the driving points calculation or information about the validity of the driver’s license. At the same time, vehicle owners receive a notification in the data field about the expiration of the technical inspection.

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In September, there will be information about the operator and owner of the vehicle from the Road Vehicle Register.