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“No need to squeeze” –

From our Correspondent Washington – This is the day of the police in the investigation into the murder of George Floyd. But the Witnesses are making the situation worse for their former colleague, agent Derek Chou. The location of Lieutenant Richard Zimmerman, a senior veteran of the Minneapolis Police Department, is clear: “There is absolutely no need to block Floyd with a knee in the neck. This is a serious use of force, a deadly use ”.

Zimmerman heads the assassination unit, and on the evening of May 25, 2020, at 10 pm, on the sidewalk, one and a half hours earlier, a patrol of five officers found George lying motionless on his stomach. Asphalt. Zimmerman clarified first to the attorney’s attorney and then to Suu Kyi’s bodyguard, “Police are being trained to measure the suspect’s attitude.” The real problem is that we explain to our agents that making those who want to arrest them harmless and then handcuffing a person in the back can have consequences: the muscles of the back and arms are stretched, making it very difficult to breathe. Usually stopping is less fighting; The agent simply had to seat him. Try to calm people down and help them so that they are not as threatening as they were in the beginning.

Suv and four other agents did the opposite. Zimmerman commented: “I don’t understand why they were in danger. What prompted Suu Kyi to use that kind of power? “Former police officer’s lawyer Eric Nelson tried to sow some suspicion, noting how agents could” improve “to avoid a” serious threat. ” Interestingly, the Minneapolis command immediately sent Zimmerman to the scene, which immediately considers Floyd’s death to be a suspicious murder case.. A situation was confirmed by the story of another police officer, Sergeant John Edwards.

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