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Nokia changes its logo and reminds us that it no longer makes phones

Finnish telecom company Nokia, primarily known as a mobile phone manufacturer, has just unveiled its new logo. The newly introduced version will be more contemporary and less sophisticated than the original version that has been in use since 1965.

The logo will be in most materials Keep the original bluebut will be used more recent line, which conforms to current design standards. New design is included Rebranding the company on a larger scalewhich aims to improve the overall customer experience with Nokia products.

Nokia, which was one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones in the past, has focused on communication equipment since 2014. The change of logo is thus a reminder that the Finnish company He gave up the production of cell phones.

However, Nokia branded mobile phones are still being released HMD Global is responsible for its development and productionwhich, by the way, recently announced that a number of new smartphones will also be produced in Europe (we wrote more about them here).

CEO Becca Lundmark to the news portal bloomberg He mentioned that although Nokia is still considered by most people as a successful mobile phone brand, it is The reality is different.

We want to launch a new brand that focuses a lot on networking and industrial digitization, which is very different from the old mobile phones,Lundmark said in an interview.

Nokia currently earns revenue from its stores incl Selling networking technologies and licensing its many patentsincluding those for mobile production.

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