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نورة النومان: الخيال العلمي مستقبل الشباب الموهوبين'

Nora Al-Noman: Science fiction is the future of talented youth

(MENAFN– Al-Bayan)

Emirati writer Noura Al-Noman confirmed that science and its effects are a main focus of writing in science fiction, and indicated in her interview with Al-Bayan that science fiction constitutes a prosperous future for talented youth.

And she continued: Science fiction encourages interest in science, which is based on evidence and evidence. If we adopt this in our lives and always demand evidence and evidence of what is said around us, we will be more aware of forming our opinions and defining our goals and destination in life.

She added: Science fiction is very popular in the world, and although the Arab world has this style, Arab novels are rare in this field. Since I have been reading science fiction since childhood, and since our youth love to watch films in the style of science fiction, I felt that having written content would attract readers, and some might turn into novelists. I also saw in science fiction a future for young people to be interested in and specialize in. Scientists in the West used to read science fiction when they were young, and they were fascinated by the inventions they found in the stories, and their interest in science increased, so they studied and specialized in it and invented the technologies we use today. The time has come for Arab youth to pay more attention to science and turn to studies, research and scientific inventions to serve their societies and create a future worthy of them.

And about her novel “Ajwan”, which won the Etisalat Award for Children’s Book in 2013, and its transformation into a work that will be presented on the “Witness” platform. On it, a world divided into a stellar union that contains multiple races, and a hidden world that contains enemies who have personal ambitions and do not hesitate to kill, kidnap, and steal to achieve their ambitions. Such narratives encourage them to link events, open the minds of young people, strengthen their knowledge and enhance their ideas. Regarding the most prominent challenges facing writing in science fiction, Al-Noman said: A great challenge in the field of writing in science fiction, as this style is rare, while other styles abound in literature. In order for the writer to be able to write in the historical style, for example, he must read large numbers of novels in the historical style, and in order to write in the romantic one, he must read in the romantic literature, and so on, if science fiction is rare, from where does the novelist learn the method of writing science fiction? A writer must read prolifically in his pattern so that he can master his craft. Al-Noman added: A science fiction writer must be genuinely interested in science and its social, economic and political effects. The idea of ​​science fiction literature is based on a challenge in the present or the future that results in a problem, dilemma, or disaster that affects a group of people or humanity as a whole. The writer should be aware of these influences, read popular scientific articles, and watch documentaries that talk about the latest inventions, for example, or the nature of the earth and its challenges.

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