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Northern Ireland: 100 years after secession, political sanctions have not been lifted

Northern Ireland: 100 years after secession, political sanctions have not been lifted

Taking advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the first centenary of the partition of Northern Ireland, the clergy of various denominations took the initiative to hold a religious mass bringing together all political parties in the hope that they would contribute to the removal of political barriers. .

  • History is not the only determining factor in the conflicts in Northern Ireland, but the “Brexit” file included.

Irish churches decided to use their spiritual power to unite conflicting parties in the Irish scene. Churches are aware of the magnitude of the dangers facing Northern Ireland after the Irish crisis emerged from the orbit of historical polarization and took on another dimension referred to by “Brexit”.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the first centenary of the partition of Northern Ireland, the clergy of various denominations took the initiative to hold a religious conference in the hope that they would unite all political parties and contribute to the removal of political barriers. Conflicting nodes. The churches sought to contain the worsening crisis, so they sent an invitation to senior officials involved in Irish affairs to attend a religious mass with a conciliatory and inclusive orientation.

Northern Ireland has been a point of attraction and conflict between members of the same community in light of the deep controversy between the Unionists (Protestants) since the independence of the Republic of Ireland a hundred years ago. Republicans of the United Kingdom and the Catholic majority and supporters of the reunification of the province with the motherland in the Republic of Ireland. Differences between the Irish took many forms, particularly the bloody clashes that killed about 3,500 people, and ended in 1998 with a peace treaty called the Good Friday Treaty.

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After their efforts in uniting the parties under the roof of St. Peter’s Protestant church, the intervention of the clergy to bury the conflict and build a bridge of communication between the people of the same country did not yield success. Failure. Being the religious capital of Ireland and having religious status among the Irish people, it did not help them in connecting with the Irish people, even in inviting them to pray on the topic of faith and thought in the city of Armagh. .

Church leaders carefully selected religious ceremonies to unite various religious denominations to welcome political leaders attended by 150 dignitaries, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Ireland’s Foreign Minister Simon Coffin, Northern Ireland’s First Minister Paul Giffin, and the Irish Local Party. Leaders.

But church leaders forgot to avoid controversial phrases among the Irish people, and they fell into a trap that pleased both sides of the conflict, including the phrase “the century and division of Northern Ireland” in the church call. The “creation of Northern Ireland”, with its historical polarities, is, in the opinion of some, the legalization of Northern Ireland under British rule. Michael Dickinson, President of the Republic of Ireland, refuses to attend a ceremonial service that he considers a “politicized” invitation. While Queen Elizabeth II was expected to attend, she missed the ceremony after receiving medical advice not to travel to Northern Ireland.

The Queen’s absence provoked widespread controversy over the reasons for her absence, as well as a sharp attack on her, accusing her of violating her neutral role in political issues and supporting the trade unionists. The “Daily Mail” suggested the hypothesis of security reasons for the absence of Queen Elizabeth II, while Irish newspapers published details of the Queen’s visit to Belfast, while a Buckingham Palace spokesman declined to comment on security concerns. Majesty the Queen reluctantly agreed to medical advice to rest several times. “Days”.

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To make matters worse in relation to the burning crisis of the centenary celebrations, Boris Johnson’s statement also showed his support for the idea of ​​creating Northern Ireland. Dedicated to the creation of Northern Ireland. “

The Sinn Fin party, which represents the Republican Party, also did not attend religious services. Deputy Prime Minister Michelle O’Neill tweeted that she would make the separation historic. The cult also exposed the contradictions between spiritual leaders about the reality of the conflict in Northern Ireland. Iman Martin, the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, saw the secession as “deeply painful and distressing”.

The only criterion for the conflicts in Northern Ireland is not history, but the “Brexit” file included, which has increased cracks and differences in understanding the reality of the conflict, and it is still etched in memory. Irish for the injustice done by Britain from their brethren in Ireland.

It is clear that the choices between the Irish are still a long way off, and there are many differences in identity, religion and politics, as well as larger choices in terms of relations with the United Kingdom.

Attending the British Prime Minister’s religious service may be an opportunity to see first-hand the reality of religious and political barriers among the Irish people, especially as he embarks on a political adventure in pursuing a political adventure in his negotiations with the EU over the North. Ireland.

After Johnson’s defeat in the “Brexit” file, it became clear that the British role was not even in favor of its trade union allies, which increased the chances of the Republicans gaining more political advantage. Jerry Adams, one of the most influential political figures in Northern Ireland, announces the impending referendum on the Irish border, confirming the return of the Northern Territory to the Irish Republic.

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