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"Not a dwarf planet" .. Astronomers call for a revision of the classification of "Pluto"

“Not a dwarf planet” .. Astronomers call for a revision of the classification of “Pluto”

Pluto was classified as a dwarf planet in 2006 by the International Astronomical Union, in a decision that sparked widespread controversy and was not unanimously received in the scientific community.

The scientific decision, at the time, was based on the failure of “Pluto” to take into account three main requirements in order to be worthy of describing a planet.

In a study published in the scientific newspaper “Icarus”, researchers urged their counterparts in the International Astronomical Union, to reconsider their classification.

The study stressed the need to retract the definition, which they described as unscientific, and to stop teaching this matter.

According to the standards of the International Astronomical Union, a space object needs several conditions in order to be a planet; The first is that it is spherical, in addition to revolving around a star, and not sharing its magnetic surroundings with other things in its orbit.

When the status of the “planet” was withdrawn from “Pluto” in 2006, the researchers attributed their decision to the presence of an object in its orbit called “Poltinus”.

But researchers from several prestigious institutions and institutes conducted their research for years, and they ended up not accepting the standards of the International Astronomical Union, saying that they were too quick to strip Pluto from the planet.

And distinguished scientists continued to refer to the planet “Pluto” as a planet, ignoring the decision issued by the International Astronomical Union.

In 2019, the official at the US Space Agency, “NASA”, Jim Brandenstein, said that he considered “Pluto” a planet like other planets.

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In the same vein, astronomer Alan Stern, who led the “New Horizons” mission to “Pluto”, confirmed that he views the latter as a planet and does not consider it a dwarf planet.