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Notes: What scares Wenger of Slavia and what the stealth robot doesn't realize

Notes: What scares Wenger of Slavia and what the stealth robot doesn’t realize

Even because there may be more articles about Roman Berber and his affairs published this week than can be read, I’ll intentionally introduce something else on Notiky today.

Berber is a thing of the past, today we look to the future. Specifically in future visions, which are already being addressed by the European Club Association (ECA). Jiří Vrba from Slavia in Prague also took part in the online meeting on Monday. It revealed a lot of interesting nuances.

“First of all, there is an intense discussion between the ECA, FIFA and UEFA about changes to the international calendar,” says Frba. It’s no secret that Arsene Wenger, Director of Development at FIFA, has come up with a vision to play the World Cup every two years, instead of the previous four-year cycle. The European countries associated with UEFA are fundamentally opposed to this. Continental tournaments will have to move to strange years, the deadline will be increased, and the sporting and economic value of the major singles tournaments will be reduced.

But Wenger’s plans have other, less well-known consequences.

Vacation vs Preliminary Round

FIFA’s idea is that in addition to the final tournaments, there will be another window for the national teams into the international calendars. Although it is only a year, but full-time. “According to FIFA’s proposal, the entire month of October will always be banned from the national team programme. They should play up to seven matches here,” says Frba.

Another of Wenger’s ideas could be a big problem. “After each major summer tournament, according to one version, participants should have three weeks, according to the second considered alternative, up to five weeks of vacation, without matches and without training,” says Frba. The European Nations Cup or the World Cup is usually played in the months of June and July. But at the same time, it is true that the preliminary rounds for the European Cups or some league competitions, including the Czech one, are already taking place in July.

“Most importantly: the position of the Egyptian Chefs Association, like that of UEFA, is negative on the FIFA proposals. We will certainly come up with our own solution proposal”, confirms Jerry Verba.

What about the 60-minute rule?

Another big ‘future package’ is being offered through initial reflections and negotiations over amendments to the rules of football. They are considered by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), which, according to FIFA delegates, traditionally consists of representatives from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

As is known, before the epidemic, it was possible to change 3 players in the normal playing time. After the planet has been paralyzed by the Covid virus and increasing time tables, the International Football Association announced that up to 5 players can be rotated temporarily. “The point now is that the possibility of five rotations, as we are now used to, will remain in the rules permanently. Provided that individual associations or federations have the opportunity to choose fewer spins in their competitions, if they prefer it,” says Frba.

The ECA was also informed about the testing of semi-automatic intrusion control robots. “It’s semi-automatic because a machine or a robot has trouble recognizing, for example, intentional or unintended play for defensive players, you’ll probably always need that,” Vrba says. The system is being tested at the ongoing Arab Cup in Qatar.

“There was also discussion about the possibility that spectators on the field or on television could have the opportunity to hear players communicating with the referee during the match,” Vrba provides an interesting update.

For example, visits to Czech stadiums will surely take a long time, because the local Fortuna League now usually only plays for 40-50 minutes of net time. But, of course, some of these delays accumulate around the world.

Anyway, the 60-minute rule is just purely theoretical.

Wizard of the Week: Roman Berber

The sluice gates have gone up and football filth from police bugging devices and other documents has flowed directly into Czech media in recent days. The godfather Roman, from the position of vice-president of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, managed all the intrigues and whirlpools, and allowed the help and willing puppets such as Josef Chovanek as head of the Referees Committee. Even castle advisor Vratislav Minai asked the highest boss in the football mafia to protect the club from Slovácko. Welcome to Czech Absurdistan! We can’t help but believe it’s over…

Interventions of the week

When will you pay? New information about the connections of the supergirl Strahov with Jan Nezmar, the then head of sports Slavia, attracts the greatest interest in the subject of Berberov, after which Berber continues to demand large sums of money. We have greatly expanded and developed the first information on the efotbal website.

please help. Do you think that the advisor to the President of the Republic, Vratislav Mina, also addressed Barbara about the judges?

From the legend of the doll. The story of Josef Chovanek, with whom Berber struggled like a piece of cloth, is one of the saddest.

What about Sparta or Panic? I tried to analyze everything important we still know about the issue in the glossary.

Coach Sablikova is in trouble. Berberaim is not only alive. There is also speed skating and finances around Peter Novak, longtime coach of champion Martina Sablikova.

Goodbye Aguero! I also have a thing for those who want to escape from all the scandals and scandals for a while. Karel Tavarouh wrote a nice script to bid farewell to the Argentine football star in his football career.

Tweet of the week

What they hit elsewhere

Million for Berbera. The police investigator made a note in the file that Roman Berber from Aden could have been promised a title Six digit sum. (football)

Burned. And on Pelt. Retaining the league caused a major issue due to the scandalous performance of the referees. and police materials Explain why. (currently)

Not just a beep. And Slavia has a hot streak on the dark side of power. At Berber’s assistant, Roman Rogoz, you look at the referee Jerry Bellick complained, at the time head of Team B in the CFL, is today the successor to Nezmar’s system at the helm of the club’s sports department. (today)

Sale has been postponed. Adolf Šádek claims that there are enough people interested in buying Viktoria Plzeň. Just somehow does not work You still don’t act. (daily)

The Spartan God Berger. And again, at least one text outside the realm of scandals, affairs and transactions. great interview With ’80s Spartan football legend Jan Berger. (today)

Christmas is approaching, things are on fire, there are still plenty of tasks left, and you need to buy some of those presents under the tree. The notes say goodbye to you for the year. I wish you to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, in peace and quiet, preferably traditionally with the English Premier League. And in the new year we will step on it again!