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Nothing but perfection: in a Bugatti, everything has to fit exactly to the millimeter

The Bugatti car company approaches cars like few other companies. The French manufacturer makes some of the world’s fastest and most exclusive sports cars, and its philosophy is built on a pedantic obsession with perfection – so much so that it employs a professional horologist to oversee production quality.

We may all have heard of a profession called Quality Controller. And maybe some of us know such a person personally, but this is a completely different level. Grégoire Haller-Meyer, the man responsible for measuring and analyzing all the components, has to ensure that all the panels are flawlessly integrated into the very exclusive and expensive device.

“When the gap between two components is one millimeter larger than desired, it is up to me to find the cause of this anomaly and find a solution,” Haller-Meyer says of his craft. “This is very important, as even small deviations like this can lead to unpleasant noises at the speeds that our sports cars reach.”

Photo: © 2022 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

The last Bugatti model to be technically based on the Chiron is the one-off Chiron Profilée. However, meticulous attention to detail is given to all models without distinction.

“Measuring individual components and supervising that they are within tight tolerances is only part of my job,” Haller-Meyer adds. “My task, among other things, is to collect and analyze data that will make it possible to constantly improve the quality of production of our supercars and avoid shortcomings in the future.”

This means everything from the basic Chiron with all its derivatives to limited edition models like the Centodieci or unique specialties like La Voiture Noire or Chiron Profilée. In all of them, they make sure that the car with the Bugatti logo on the hood is perfect. It doesn’t matter if it costs 70 or 235 million crowns.