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Nour Al-Ghandour... Boldness alone is not enough

Nour Al-Ghandour… Boldness alone is not enough

Despite the widespread criticism that is still directed at the series “From Al Haram Street to”, by Kuwaiti writer Heba Mishari Hamadeh, and Syrian director Muthanna Sobh, it is enjoying public attention and achieving record viewing numbers on the “Shahid” platform, after the work makers succeeded in raising indicators of mystery, excitement and suspense. To lead the followers towards exploring the depths of the characters, and the secrets of the association of his heroine (Abla), the doctor, with the character (Karim), the Egyptian dancer, who suddenly lands in the “Big House” to turn the scales of events in it and the future and destinies of its members.

With the entry of the Ramadan series into its last episodes, and in parallel with the details of the dramatic plot, whose circumstances began to become clear, the viewer began to learn about the full features of the character (Karim), presented by the Egyptian actress residing in Kuwait, Nour Al-Ghandour, who, from the first moments of the presentation of the promotional advertisement for the series, caused an uproar, especially In Kuwait, with one of the parliamentarians demanding that she be banned from entering Kuwait on the grounds that she offends the values ​​and customs traditional in the country. On the other hand, Egyptian voices moved against the artist and the role she embodied, which many found offensive to the reputation of women in her homeland.

In parallel with the high waves of condemnation of stopping work, and the exacerbation of general resentment of the artist, she succeeded in embodying a bold “character” and a special “phenomenon” that is somewhat remarkable in the work, through the effort that was manifested in Nour Al-Ghandour’s attempt to impersonate the dancer and stick to details Her physical formations and gestures, and then her linguistic commitments, which indicate the artist’s apparent penetration between the specifics of the role and her “varying” attempts to capture and master them, but luck sometimes and the performance elements of a star, did not help Nour in many places, convincing the viewer of the credibility of the “Philosophical personality” (Karimah). ), nor her poor popular environment, not even her professional craftsmanship, after Nour al-Ghandour remained far from what was required, and unable to fulfill the aesthetic of the scene of the oriental dancer.

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On the other hand, the star’s “rigid” facial features sometimes in front of the camera doubled the credibility of some expressions on the screen. This is in addition to her inability, several times, to separate between “dalal” and “coquettish” spontaneous, which remained feigned, while the way of pronunciation remained far from the authentic Egyptian dialect.

From the first moments, the episodes of the series revealed the announced reason for the arrival of Nour Al-Ghandour or (Karim), who is related to the revival of the wedding of one of the doctor’s sons (Abla), so that the matter developed and she continued to stay with the family following her decision to donate part of her liver to the sick doctor, who in turn hides many secrets . At the time, Karima is entrusted with uncovering the hidden and taking revenge on her slain mother.

On the other hand, and intentionally, the makers of the work deliberately introduced the audience to the expected (dignified) end, drowning at the bottom of the sea, which seemed a kind of dramatic implication for the secrets of the (Abla) family, and what their reactions could be when her buried secret was revealed with their mother.


The artist Nour Al-Ghandour performed a number of diverse dramatic characters, which are commensurate with her performance abilities, most of which appeared from the portal of her dealings with the writer Heba Mishari Hamada, who is dealing with her again in the series “From Al Haram Street to”, after her previous participation in series such as: Beirut Batch 2020” and “Cairo Batch 2019”, at a time when Nour Al-Ghandour meets again, after the series “Second Life” Ramadan 2016 with Kuwaiti star Hoda Hussein, to embody a new and completely different dramatic experience, which the star is waging today with a group of Kuwaiti stars In “From Al Haram Street to”, the most prominent of them are: Laila Abdullah, Lulwa Al Mulla, Farah Al Sarraf, Khaled Al Braiki, Maram, Nour Al Sheikh, Khaled Al Shaer and others.

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• In many citizens, Nour Al-Ghandour did not succeed in convincing the viewer of the credibility of the “Fahlawi personality”, nor of its poor popular environment.

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