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Nour Al-Nabawi.. His grandmother is a famous artist and he has a twin brother who looks like their father is uncle

Nour Al-Nabawi.. His grandmother is a famous artist and he has a twin brother who looks like their father is uncle

05:01 PM

Friday 06 May 2022

I wrote – Mona El Mougy:

With his first appearance in the world of acting through a few scenes in “The Choice 2”, he succeeded in drawing attention to him, winning the praise of the participants in the works in which he appeared, and touching the heart of the audience, to begin with his next artistic steps in gaining a broader ground among the audience, critics and within the medium The artist, as many predicted him a brilliant success and a bright artistic future, is Noor Al-Nabawi, the son of the star Khaled Al-Nabawi.

Nour is very similar to his father in many characteristics, not only in features and tone of voice that cannot be mistaken by an ear, but also in his personality and his love for art, and other details that we will review in the following lines, according to his grandmother, the famous artist.

Nour is the son of the artist Khaled Al-Nabawy. He has a twin brother named Karim.

His mother (Amani) studied decoration at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts.

– The artist, Nashwa Mustafa, spoke about her beauty, which she associates with her at the institute and they have a friendship relationship, and she said about her, “She was the dream girl of our batch and the batches that preceded us as well as those that came after us.”

– Nour Al-Nabawi is the grandson of the able artist Awatef Helmy on the mother’s side.

Awatif revealed in a television interview with the “Bint Al Balad” program, that Nour loves acting and that she advised him to stay away, assuring him that the artistic field is difficult, but he insisted on going through the experience and studying acting.

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According to the “Bint Al Balad” program, his mother objected to his work in art because of the difficulty of the field.

– About the resemblance between him and his father, Khaled Al-Nabawi, Awatef said, “He reads his uniform, is educated in his dress, and really walks on the line alone.”

– Awatif and Nour collected a single work so far, which is “Public Transfer”, which was shown before Ramadan 2022, starring the great star Mahmoud Hemida.

Awatef said about his brother Karim, “He resembles his father Khaled Al-Nabawi in features more than Nour, and he studies business administration.”

– In his interview with the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, with the family of the series “Rejeen Ya Hawa”, which was shown in Ramadan 2022, and gathered for the first time in front of the screen Nour with his father Khaled Al-Nabawi, Nour said that he studied in Los Angeles at Santa Monica College, and studied theater, acting and directing.

Khaled revealed in the same meeting that he rejected the idea of ​​his son acting when he was presented with the matter for the first time, and revealed that he – Nour – and his brother Karim went to France to complete their studies: “France is studying another thing, his brother is complete and I am very happy with him.”

– He was studying economics in France, he left school, and was interested in going to the cinema and working in the theater, he said.

– In an interview with “Masrawy”, Nour Al-Nabawi said that he was unable to follow up on the audience’s reactions and comments on the series “Rejeen Ya Hawa”, which he co-starred in, and is shown throughout the days of Ramadan 2022, due to his preoccupation with filming the rest of his scenes until the last days of Ramadan. .

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And he continued, in his private and illustrated statements to the “Masrawy” website: “The filming continued until the last days of the month of Ramadan, and I was not able to follow the comments, but I received some of them and I am happy with them, and I thank everyone who wrote about me any sweet thing.”

Nour expressed his happiness in collaborating with director Mohamed Salama and scriptwriter Mohamed Suleiman Abdel Malik, pointing out that Salama wanted Tariq to appear as a young man with a light soul: “He wanted him cheerfully, laughing, not laughing, looking for his dream, and I hope that I succeeded in presenting it in the image that was drawn.” for him”.

Nour also wished to repeat the experience of standing in front of the artist, Wafaa Amer, more than once, who played the role of his mother in the events of “Return Ya Hawa”: “I love my teacher Wafaa very, very much, and I hope to repeat the work with her.”

And about his meeting with the great star Khaled Al-Nabawi – the hero of the work -, and whether he gave him and the participating youth any advice behind the scenes, he said, “It is fun that I work with Khaled and he is very committed, and this is something I learned from him,” noting that he does not like to give advice, and he knows that The director’s role, expressing his happiness to stand in front of him.

– When asked how he was able to separate between that he is in front of a big star who is the hero of the work, and that this star at the same time is his father, he explained, “I used to see him eloquent, besides, I loved Bebo, and Khaled does not deal on the set as Khaled, he comes to filming with a character Eloquent, I dealt with the character he presents.”

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He concluded by noting that there is a new technical project that he is preparing to present during the coming period, but he will not be able to reveal its details now.

“Return, Ya Hawa”, the story of Osama Anwar Okasha, script and dialogue by Muhammad Suleiman Abdul-Malik, directed by Muhammad Salama, starring Khaled Al-Nabawi, Lebanese Nour, Hana Shiha, Anushka, Ahmed Badir, Wafa Amer, Islam Ibrahim, Salma Abu Deif, Tariq Abdulaziz.