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Nour Al-Nabawi: My father was surprised by my nomination for “Return to My Love”

Nour Al-Nabawi: My father was surprised by my nomination for “Return to My Love”

In his interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Nour believes that the character of Tariq Abu El-Hana, which he embodied in the work, was characterized by shyness, saying: “He had never felt love before, when he found the first opportunity to get attached to her and love his cousin, and this is completely opposite of my personality, because I am very romantic and bold.”

He continued, “During work I was giving some viewer On the way (stand-up comedy), which was increasing my tension because it was the first time I did this, I must make the audience laugh, and I relied on a number of my distinguished friends to present such scenes, including a group called (Improvisation) that helped me a lot.” .

First collaboration with his father

Nour indicated that he benefited a lot from him on a technical and personal level from cooperation with his father, saying: “Our cooperation is great and fruitful. The scenes that brought us together were characterized by love, besides the very funny and comfortable scenes. I did not feel any intimidation, but on the contrary, I presented our scenes together in my nature.”

The young artist pointed out that his father always advises him to strive and learn: “He always tells me that I have to work a lot and slow down and learn from the mistakes that I make, and that the mistake is not a defect, but the defect is persistence and arrogance and not learning from it.”

Tariq Abu Al-Hana

Regarding his nomination for the character of Tariq Abu Al-Hana, he explained: “The matter came by chance through director Mohamed Salama, after one of the young actors apologized for the role, and the fact that my father did not play any role in my presence in the series, he was surprised by my nomination for him.”

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Nour continued, in his speech to “Sky News Arabia”: “When I read Scenario I was very impressed with the character and attended it well, and tried to search for the original radio work, but I relied on the script written by the writer Muhammad Suleiman Abdul-Malik, and I found that Tariq’s character is close to me and I loved her greatly.

Nour participated in the series “The Choice 2” in Ramadan 2021, through the role of the martyr Ahmed Shousha, who was loved by the audience and considered it the true beginning of his entry into the world of art.

strong business

Nour said: “I am cautious from the beginning and try to choose roles very carefully so that they are not the same. I love and sanctify the profession before entering the field and I always focus on the type of role, and I make sure that the director’s directives are always taken into account, in addition to my participation in these works carried me a great responsibility towards What I will present later.

And the artist, whose debut was through the series “Walkinha Wala”, noted: “I am preparing for a movie in which my role will surprise the audience. We have started filming a number of his scenes in Alexandria, and soon we will finish producing it.”

Salma Abu Deif

The rising artist believes that Wafaa Amer is one of the “great artists”, adding: “I benefited a lot from her and loved her on a personal level, and I used to deal with her throughout the filming as my mother, and I think that this appeared clearly on the screen, as I had an artistic relationship with her that made the audience wait for our viewers every episode”.

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Nour also talked about cooperation with the artist Salma Abu Deif, saying: “She is a distinguished artist and has more experience than me in acting. I was surprised by the connection between us during work events because she was very capable of personality.”