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Nova has improved the red button, and viewers can compete directly on the screen

Nova has launched an upgrade in the field of HbbTV, introducing a feature that allows viewers to compete directly on TV screens
| picture: Nova TV

When switching to the station, thanks to the new feature, the viewer is offered a competition question and the viewer answers using the remote control. The evaluation takes place instantly, and if the viewer answers correctly, he is redirected to the HbbTV application, which describes the next procedure for winning, for example, leaving a phone number for the draw.

“We are very pleased with the results of this innovation, which allows us to achieve great success on television with a high level of interactivity. Thanks to this function, we can connect viewers with our programs or business partners, ”adds HbbTV Novy Business Development Director Iva Dohnálková.

For the first time, television experimented with this type of question in a competition for Zlatý Bažant’s beer cans. The quiz question was answered by 2.46% of viewers and nearly 11,000 correct viewers’ answers were recorded, with 58% of participants leaving their phone number for the draw.

The competition function can target viewers of specific programmes, within target groups, geographic locations, with a specific TV brand or, for example, within the exclusive targeting of MAX REACH.

HbbTV is one of the fastest growing technologies. Currently, approximately 2.4 million viewers see the red button on Nova stations. In the first three months of 2023, viewership of long-form videos under AVOD via HbbTV increased by 9%, TV Nova said in a press release.

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