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الآن الحلقة 76 من مسلسل قيامة عثمان بن أرطغرل كاملة ومترجمة عربي على قصة عشق

Now, episode 76 of the series The Resurrection of Othman bin Artgrel, complete with Arabic subtitles, on a love story

The Resurrection of Othman bin Artgrel series, episode 76, complete with Arabic subtitles, on a love story. To one of the huts so that no one will see him until he is cured, and on the other hand, Sheikh Adeeb Ali has become under the grip of Nikola and the leader Kosis, so it is expected that there will be negotiations between Osman and the leader Kosis, the excitement increases in the episodes of the Turkish series founder Osman season three, so follow us through those article to find out more.

Resurrection Osman bin Artgrel series episode 76

It is expected to show Episode 76 of the series, The Resurrection of the Founder Othman, in full Today, Wednesday, at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, Cairo time, on the Turkish ITV channel, but the entire episode is translated in Arabic and shown on the Love Story website, and the founder Othman series will be repeated with Arabic subtitles on Yarmouk channel on Thursday of every week at eight o’clock. in Cairo time.

The events of episode 76 of the Othman Resurrection series

In the light of our follow-up, we reveal to you the details and events of Episode 76 of the Resurrection of Othman bin Artgrel series, which revolves around the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, where the Seljuk Minister plots against Othman in cooperation with his enemies, and it is worth mentioning that Sheikh Adib Ali was on his way to King Masoud to tell him what His vizier Alam Shah did it, but he was caught by Nikola’s spies, so the warrior Connor and Othman were supposed to go to the king in order to tell him the deeds of Alam Shah, making the Seljuk vizier Alam Shah to fall into the evil of his deeds.

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