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Now.. the disbursement of the pension increase in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1444

Increasing retirement salaries in the Kingdom, the General Authority for Social Security in Saudi Arabia provides an increase in the salaries of retirees, but no specific date has been set for that yet, and this issue has been widely discussed on social media in Saudi Arabia, where people are looking for adequate answers about This matter, this question comes at a time when the official announcement of the increase in the minimum wage has been made in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the salary of the Saudi worker ranges between three thousand riyals and four thousand riyals, while the masses are calling for expanding the scope of the increase to include retirees as well, and the following is a detailed explanation of this issue .

What is the retirement system and the salaries of retirees in Saudi Arabia?

The Social Security Authority of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development sponsors all schemes related to caring for retirees in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether they are from the civil or military sectors, and their salaries are determined based on specific controls and conditions.

The authority ensures that pensions are delivered on time every month, and takes care of a large number of retirees in the Kingdom, as their number is more than 990 thousand retirees, including the deceased and more than 700 thousand people.

The Authority is working hard to provide these monthly salaries, in order to ensure a decent life for retirees and their families, and in honor of their long years of service in their jobs and their country. The Authority is committed to organizing all regulatory affairs related to the care of retirees, including the specific controls and conditions that must be followed to determine their salaries.

When will the salaries of Saudi retirees increase?

No official date has yet been set for increasing the salaries of retirees in Saudi Arabia, but many expect an official decision in this regard to be issued soon by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, in response to the growing calls for a tangible increase in the salaries of retirees in all sectors of civil and military employment in Saudi Arabia.

This comes at a time when a decision was issued by the Minister of Human Resources, Ahmed Al-Rajhi, to increase the minimum wage for Saudi citizens from 3,000 Saudi riyals to 4,000 riyals as a minimum for each salary, and despite this, some retirees still receive salaries of 1,725 ​​Saudi riyals.

It should be noted that the decision to increase the salaries of Saudi retirees was approved by the Shura Council by a majority of 105 members compared to 16 other members. This decision was adopted to cover the deficit and improve the financial situation.

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