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Nuclear submarine deal: French Foreign Minister accuses US, Australia and Britain of "lying and opportunism".

Nuclear submarine deal: French Foreign Minister accuses US, Australia and Britain of “lying and opportunism”.

Atlanta, US (CNN) – French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Trianon has accused the United Kingdom of “permanent opportunism”, France 2TV, Saturday. Following the announcement of a tripartite agreement between Britain, the United States and Australia, nuclear-powered submarines will be acquired when the agreement with Paris on the purchase of conventional submarines is abandoned.

“I told you before that we would call back our ambassadors to see how the situation would be reconsidered,” Le Trian said. Ambassador. “

France announced on Friday that it was withdrawing its ambassadors to the United States and Australia for “consultation” following the surprise announcement of a tripartite agreement.

This is the first time France has done so with the United States, according to Le Trian, who insisted that the French response was “not over”.

Le Drian told France 2 that Britain was a “third wheel” in the tripartite agreement.

The French foreign minister described Australia’s exit from the French submarine deal as a “crisis”: “It is very symbolic. There were lies, duplicity, a great breakdown of trust, bad faith. We are not in a positive relationship. There is a crisis.”

Le Drian dismissed allegations of consultation between France and the United States before the announcement of the tripartite agreement, saying “this is not true” and that his country knew nothing “an hour before the announcement”.

The French foreign minister has previously compared the US brokerage agreement to the Trump administration’s foreign policy. He said President Joe Biden’s methods were similar to those of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Last Wednesday, the US President announced a new US-UK-Australia defense partnership that will allow Australia to share more defense capabilities and assist with nuclear-powered submarine technology.

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The French government felt “betrayed” when Australia withdrew from its current $ 65 billion defense deal, instead agreeing to buy nuclear submarines through a new agreement with the United States and the United Kingdom.