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Nurmagomedov – Githji | As in the old days USA vs. Russia and the fight for the title of UFC Champion


“When I was young, I never imagined that I would fly halfway around the world and represent the United States against an undefeated Russian fighter. I watched Rocky a lot, and it reminds me of Episode 4, which was so special,” the American said. Rocky Balboa vs Evan Drago in the movie. Justin Gaetje against Shabib Nurmagomedov on Saturday.

The Russian got a score of 28: 0, after the weekend he wants Gaethje to adjust to 28: 1. But the American is not a favorite, he knows it, but you never know him in MMA. The Russians defeated every opponent in front of him. His struggle on Earth has a great reputation.

The legend is retired. At the age of forty-five, he will play his last UFC match

“I thought it would happen, and he’s driving me every day. I’m an artist. I’ll leave everything there on Saturday night and I’ll be proud of my performance,” believes the American, who got a 22: 2 score in MMA.

Wrestling legend with unique record will stand against him. Nurmagomedov became the champion in UFC 223 when he lost to Al Iaquinta. The Dagestan Eagle successfully defended the title when later defeating Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier.

Gaethje admires Nurmagomedov’s style, so he didn’t have to study the hero twice. She knows it. He is well aware that in order to be successful, he must maintain a sufficient distance. Once they are with them, the Russians take the fight to Earth, where he can bring order.

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The great battle of the unbeaten hero is drawing near. A touching video was created with his father

“I’ve watched his matches throughout his career, I’m a huge fan of him. Now? I’ve always focused on being my best self,” is an American who has lived for the past three months with the possibility of his opponent kicking his ass. But that, paradoxically, pushed him forward to be better.

“When I woke up in the morning, this over the past 12 weeks has boosted my motivation to not kick my ass. Now here’s the sweetest reward, I’m going to fight the best in the world. I can’t wait to ruin his flawless balance. I could be so dangerous. He wouldn’t be able to do it.” What he is planning, I am exercising, and my condition, and this will cause him serious problems. In my posture, I will cause him great harm, and I hit his legs, body and face, ”he is convinced of Ghaithji’s plan.

But there will be two in the cage and the hero does not want to spoil the balance of the tournament. Will Nurmagomedov leave with a score of 29: 0 or 28: 1?