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Nurses' unions in Britain are launching an unprecedented strike over pay

Nurses’ unions in Britain are launching an unprecedented strike over pay

The strike, the first of its kind in the history of the Royal College of Nursing Union, comes amid a bitter dispute with the government over pay in the National Health Service.

The nurses’ strike adds to the wave of unrest in the country United Kingdom This month, ambulance drivers, postal workers, bus drivers and some airport workers went on strike to demand better pay amid a cost-of-living crisis.

More than 100,000 male and female nurses participate in the one-day strike EnglandWales and Northern Ireland, after the union rejected the latest terms put forward by the British government.

The union confirmed that sick people requiring emergency or intensive care would not be affected by the strike.

The union’s pay review body recommended a minimum pay rise of 1,400 pounds ($1,740) and a 3 percent annual pay rise.

The strike, which involves nursing teams at around 76 hospitals and health centres, has canceled thousands of operations and tens of thousands of appointments at Royal College of Nursing Association-affiliated clinics across the UK.

The government said Britain The demand was unbearable and negotiations between the two sides broke down.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Wednesday that his government had been “continuing to talk to all trade unions involved in strikes on all wage disputes”.

Meanwhile, rail transport across the country has been hit hard this week as rail, shipping and transport union members went on strike on Tuesday and Wednesday.

They also plan to strike on Friday and Saturday.

The strike shut down half of England’s railways.

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There will be no train service in parts of the country, including Scotland and Wales.

Postal workers in the Telecommunications Workers Union also staged a new 48-hour strike this week, with more strike days planned in the run-up to Christmas.