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O2 dv 1 Billion Masters Free Unlimited Internet & Headphones Discount

Ben Cristofau and Marcel are your new campaign O2 Tariff for Young People
| Photo: O2

O2 as part of the 5G build campaign in April Free mobile internet service is offered to all tariff customers. So it makes sense, for those who have a tariff with a data package, they will get unlimited data at full speed. In the case of customers with tariffs, where there is unlimited data, the salary for working for tariffs at speed is limited. They get unlimited speed.

In comparison, the same applies to young customers under the age of 26, who have some youth-specific tariffs. O2 offers two with a data package: You are 5GB and you are 20GB. In their case, customers can activate unlimited master data at full speed. With this You Neo tariff, which includes unlimited data, customers get unlimited speeds on MSC. Let’s add that the MSN fee for these tariffs is 399, 549 and 749 kr.

Unlimited internet can be used for both the new 5G network and LTE connection. Activation via the operator application can be done in April and May, Master salary package of activation. Upon completion, the tariff will automatically switch to the default setting, which is free.

There is only one check that customers have to pay attention to. As with bnch tariffs, the operator also activates the O2 security package. It is free for beta testing, then it costs 39 kroner. The operator notifies you of this in an SMS, but the customer must turn off the package in the application.

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The Slobenick tariff event system also includes a discount of 1,000 CZK for headphones. Customers can use two models of true wireless headphones. The first is O2 Pods, which cost a standard 1299K at a discount of 299 kroner. Alternatively, thousands of crowns can be used with Apple AirPods Pro headphones. They cost 6,689 CZK, after discounts they will cost 5,689 CZK. Discount can be applied in the O2 app.

The new campaign tariff for youth will promote traditional songwriter or artists. This time it will be Nevm from the duo Ben-Cristovao and Marcel. In previous campaigns, O2 has backed songs from Tom Prince, John Wolfhooker, and Pam Rabbit.