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O2 dv discount on youth tariffs. And handcuffs up to 5G st

Tarify Pro Mlad you O2 introduced a year ago. The tariffs consist of three, respectively, basic and basic for the youngest. U pi introduced then during the year for a limited time dval na vybran tarify slevu 50 kronor.

This is also the case now, the discount again 50 kroner from the first half and salary until the end of June. This time it is available for You 20 GB tariff and You Neo unlimited tariff. After the discount, the first goes to 499k, and the second to 699k, both of which have free messaging and unlimited texting.

Compared to the new tariffs offered by the operator, these are quite interesting rates. Both the cheapest Unlimited Neo tariff and Free + Appropriate tariff with 20 GB of data cost 899 thousand milliseconds. Tariffs You can apply to all clients under the age of 26, study is not a requirement, only vk.

Tarifi Pro Mlad

Tarify pro mlad O2 you

In fact, the only significant limitation in the You Neo tariff is the transmission speed, which is 5 Mbit / s. For standard, newly changed O2 tariffs, it is not limited to 10 Mbit / s.

The basic tariff, including the first tariff 299k and you 5GB for 399k, is included without discount.

O2 also offers some tariffs with select 5G smartphones. For You Tariff 20GB, iPhone 12 mini is 64GB, then msn paul 749K, with Xiaomi Note 10 5G, msn customer pays 639k and with Samsung A22 5G for 659k msn.

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Especially for customers of the tariff itself, it may be interesting that the You tariff is promoted by the music duo Pam Rabbit and Ben Cristovao.