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O2 launched the first 5G network on campus

O2 launched the first 5G network on campus

Private 5G networks are also operated by competing operators. Vodafone is testing a private network at the Škoda Automobile Plant, and T-Mobile has introduced 5G infrastructure into the KVADOS logistics environment. In addition, he has launched several networks within many local universities.

“Private Network has the ambition to replace the current Wi-Fi solution, which is not suitable for widespread use, or is heading for an entirely new use, of the robot, usually for things that do not need to be connected or are not quite suitable to be wired. The immeasurable advantage is Speed. Normally, Wi-Fi is about one percent of the throughput of what we’ve been trying to measure now on our campus,” said Roman Pasek, director of mobile product and innovation at O2.

T-Mobile has 5G in Ostrava, but not for regular users

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O2 in BD Sensors has placed dozens of small and powerful transmitters in halls, hallways and offices. “The connection in our company is the fact that we have a completely electronic production. This means that employees do not use paper, but everything is managed via tablets. For a long time, we have dealt with the fact that when they move, for example, from one workplace to another, And there’s a different Wi-Fi, there’s a fundamental problem with that, because they lose connection,” Karel Mareček, director of BD Sensors.

A revolution called 5G

5G will change everything — and it will be far more dramatic than those we associate with the rise of wireless technologies. The 5G standard will not only connect computers and mobile phones to the Internet. It will also be used by smart devices that are gradually settling in home homes.

The new generation of mobile Internet will find application, for example, in transportation, virtual reality and sports, but also in the field of health.

In the same way, smart washing machines and refrigerators will be connected to 5G networks, but also, for example, autonomous cars – for their development, a fast and stable Internet connection on the road is critical.

Although 5G may seem like just another mobile standard, in reality its benefits will be much greater. According to studies conducted by Ericsson, the fifth generation of mobile networks will provide high-speed Internet to up to one billion people and devices. Moreover, it will enable the development of modern technologies.