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O2 will release unlimited data at full speed for a month.  The operator wants to show how he has improved the 5G network -

O2 will release unlimited data at full speed for a month. The operator wants to show how he has improved the 5G network –

O2 will be promoting the 5G network further in the coming weeks. This is operated by sister company CETIN, using equipment from Swedish supplier Ericsson. At a meeting with journalists recently, the operator said that 5G is currently available to 1.6 million customers. In addition to Prague, it also covers Brno and part of Central Moravia in the Olomouc and Zlin regions.

The operator asserts that it was the first in the Czech Republic to start using a separate 5G network at 3.7 GHz, allowing for higher speeds (600 to 700 Mbit/s) thanks to the larger 40 MHz bandwidth. On the other hand, the disadvantage of higher frequency is the shorter wavelength range. A denser network of transmitters is needed for comprehensive coverage and is therefore suitable for more densely populated areas.

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Comparing the bandwidth of individual 4G and 5G technologies in O2 and its competitors (perhaps the second operator is T-Mobile according to the use of 700 MHz on 5G, in the last third line is Vodafone).

The operator also uses the 1800MHz bandwidth with the 5G network’s 25MHz bandwidth. A few weeks ago, O2 also launched its own 700MHz transmitters, which were auctioned in 2020, but still use 4G technology here. The total spectrum used for data in the O2 network, if we add the bands for 4G and 5G technology, reaches 125MHz. The operator states that its competitors T-Mobile and Vodafone currently have half of the total bandwidth.

The additional service is paid after a month

It is the higher speed of the 5G network that is attracting a campaign called “Real 5G”. O2 will offer its customers unlimited data for a month for free. Until the end of May, all O2 customers using one of the selected Free +, Neo or You tariffs can experience the maximum speed limit available. The unlimited package is activated in the My O2 self-service and is valid once for 30 days. Access to the 5G network will also give you only “4G” tariffs i.e. Neo Blue and Neo Bronze, but unlimited data can also be drawn on LTE when you are not within 5G range.

After 30 days, the package with unlimited data will be turned off. From now on, you will continue to plot the data according to the parameters of your original tariff. And watch out for one hook. The promotion also includes the O2 Security service, which will serve as a kind of antivirus for smartphones under the supervision of the operator. After the 30-day period, O2 will not turn it off on its own and allow it to work, but at a flat rate per month of 39 CZK. If the customer does not wish to use the feature, he must deactivate it himself before the expiry of the 30-day period, and must receive an SMS notification of the expiring free period.

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According to marketers, the O2 network is no longer “smart”, but “smart” for a change. However, the operator has not yet introduced us to any more advanced 5G functionality, it is always about speed.

The unlimited data offer applies to new and existing mobile tariffs purchased separately and as part of an O2 Spolu package. It applies in particular to the following definitions:+ Blue, Free + Silver, Free + Bronze, Free + Gold, New Blue, New Bronze, You are 5G, You are 20GB, You are Neo and the first tariff. The highest unlimited data tariffs Neo Stříbrný and Neo Zlatý are not included by the operator, because unlimited data at full speed in 5G is part of it and for the owner this offer is not an additional benefit.

Example from the current O2 advertising campaign:

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5G networks

5G stands for fifth generation wireless networks. They have shorter response, higher bit rates, amplitude and variability. They’re designed to handle broadband connections for millions of people and machines in urban areas, energy-efficient sensors that last for years on a single battery, and anything in between.

The global launch of 5G networks began in 2019, Start 5G in the Czech Republic It was late. The main developers of 5G technologies and manufacturers of network components are Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung.