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Observer: British Labor leader plans to abolish House of Lords to restore confidence in politics

Observer: British Labor leader plans to abolish House of Lords to restore confidence in politics

British newspaper “The Observer” has revealed that British Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer plans to abolish the House of Lords and replace it with a new elected house as part of a plan to “restore faith in politics” after a series of impeachments. Conservative governments handing over MPs to “followers and donors”.

And in a wider constitutional reform, the Labor leader has told peers he wants to strip politicians of the power to make appointments to the House of Lords as part of a Labor government’s first-term agenda. Starmer said public confidence in the political system had been undermined by successive Tory leaders who had handed the council over to “followers and donors”.“.

Labor is likely to consult on the structure and size of the new chamber and immediate reforms to the existing appointments process. The final proposals will be included in the party’s next election manifesto.

At last week’s meeting, Starmer told his Labor colleagues that there was now strong support for reforming the House of Lords, across party lines and among the public. He outlined “some clear principles” for reform, including that any new council should be elected by voters rather than appointed by politicians..

“I want to make it clear that people in every part of England need to restore confidence in our system of government,” he said. “House of Lords reform is part of that…people have lost faith in the ability of politicians and politicians to bring about change – and that’s why we need to fix our politics as well as our economy.”“.

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He said the council should be “truly representative” of the UK’s nations and regions, meaning it should have a clear role in protecting devolution. However, he said his proposals would ensure that none of the functions of the House of Commons were changed, and that a second chamber would be charged with amending and scrutinizing legislation. The House of Commons holds exclusive powers over public finances and government formation.