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Oddworld Notes: Soulstorm - Zing

Oddworld Notes: Soulstorm – Zing

Oddworld: Soulstorm as a free retelling of the 22-year-old Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus follows the remake of the first part of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty. Refuge Modcon Abe returns once again to lead his brothers in the fight for freedom. Will he finally be able to get rid of the ill-fated glucones, or will his bones be the secret ingredient to the new drink?

  • a program: PS5 (reviewed), PS4, PC
  • date of publication: 6. 4. 2021
  • Producer: Oddworld Inhabitans
  • Type: Platform game
  • Czech translation: Boy
  • Multiple: Boy
  • Data to download: 15 GB
  • game time: 20+ hours
  • Accessibility: 12+
  • Sales release: Fund and digital
  • price: CZK 1050 (Free PS5 Edition in PS + April 2021)

I’m dad, I came to save you

Oddworld: Soulstorm begins exactly where the previous episode ended. Ab, a Mudokon worker at the “meat” factory, manages to free the slaves and thwart the plans of evil boss Molluck. With their brothers, they are now fleeing the desert for a better life. However, in the back, in addition to the owner of the plant and his bodyguard (who preferred to lead the riots to arson and set the entire farm on fire), they also face a new threat. Mudokoni begins to weaken and dies from an unknown disease. So it is up to a father once again to become an unwanted hero and lead his people to salvation. A frantic journey full of train robberies, industrial sabotage and mystical prophecies awaits you.

The story of the game is told in the form of beautiful pre-presented movies and excerpts from the radio news. The first pass of the game will take about twenty hours. However, if you want to save all the lost Mudokons (to get the best end and unlock the two gigantic final levels, you need to find at least 80% of them in each level) and get all the badges, this number can be very inflated.

Follow me! OK.

Gameplay, the game revives the earlier parts in the series. So you can expect a classic 2D platformer game full of mobility and caution. The goal of each level is to find as many lost Mudokon as possible. They are often hidden in hard-to-reach or guarded places. Thus each rescue is a unique challenge. But liberation does not end there. The main character is the embodiment of charisma and with the help of many detailed commands (consisting of the words “stop” and “follow me”) must lead his followers to special escape gates. Navigating the Mudocons workers is only the real challenge. Nothing is worse than cutting your gigantic drill bit within the last few meters in a giant workout you missed, and faced with the option to load the previous checkpoint or even the end of the level to see a Red Cross that reminds us of your disappointment.

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At certain levels, you will be tasked with the task of memorizing several hundreds of combos simultaneously. Then you remember each such rescue operation of tower defense games, where you must strategically deploy your armed minions, cover the exits of enemies and repel their attack, while hundreds of cities frantically try to ascend to safety. If you can save everyone, you will be proud of yourself. If not, you always have a chance to try again and better.

In certain levels, you will be assigned the task of rescuing several hundreds of groups.

During his journey, Abe was not defenseless. Therefore (if they are not close to the whistling tower, or if the enemies do not have aluminum chips on their heads) you have the opportunity to use telepathy capabilities and possess patrol guards. They can then point their weapons at their comrades or take control of the controls that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Once you reach their usefulness, you can let them jump from a height, get into a fire, or simply let them explode. Abe comments on each death with a chilling laugh as the dying guards call their mothers in pain. And every time you realize that you are not locked up with them, they are locked up with you.

New in the chain is the item inventory and production system. Opening each cabinet and sliding across every ashtray will ensure that you always have something on hand to fend for yourself. From the start of the game you often swap out juice bottles for light wooden doors / enemies and water bottles to put them down. In the end, you will be able to convert a firefighter into a flamethrower. You can also buy items from vending machines all over the place, and you can get money (very magically called Moolah) by returning existing bottles. It’s good to know that recycling also operates in an alien world full of monsters and corporate villains.

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Megalevels, beautiful views and depressing lanes

Within seventeen levels, you will gaze upon a mixture of caves, ancient temples, paranoia-ridden industrial complexes or gigantic trains. Creators should make it clear that although the content of individual levels is often very similar, their appearance is always unique. Unfortunately, by the end of the game, some repetitions were starting to appear and the last two levels were really annoying. The game has a number of very frustrating clips (I don’t want to see a crane trip in my life anymore!) And questionable level designs (levels happen in total darkness in caves), but overall it works well. Framerate maintains 60 fps most of the time, but from time to time there are strange twitches. Let’s hope the developers fix this in a patch. Controlling Aba and the AI ​​of your followers is very old and will take a long time to get into your blood. Only one action button is used to open the door, operate levers, and everything else. So it often happens that Abby does something different than she needs. There is nothing worse than for the main character to start looking for the chest, instead of hiding in it from the oncoming enemy.

The content of the levels is often very similar, but their look is always unique.

The game is presented in 2.5D style. So even if you are still running left or right, the world around you will be designed in 3D and you will often be wandering around in the front or back of the camera. Unfortunately, the high quality of the game’s movies does not carry over to the gameplay, and the game is definitely not among the titles for which to buy a new console. However, the graphics are functional and especially antique for some of the levels that will take your breath away. The developers also won at least partially with the DualSense Driver features. Abe’s quick click goes well right into your hands, the mascot line from the remote control every time you use telekinesis, and the lights start to flash a little when it’s near a secret area.

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What we can definitely praise for the developers is the sound design. You will fall in love with the madman’s whistles and their stories every time you stop them. The music is reasonably frustrating due to the environment and I often remember Fallout and Fallout 2. The dubbing of the main characters and negatives is also number one.


Oddworld: Soulstorm

we love

  • Lots of interesting puzzles
  • Mudokon Sound Design
  • Graphical display of giant levels
  • The main character is the personification of charisma

It annoys us

  • Frustrating repetitive paragraphs
  • Accidental shivering from framerate
  • In the end, a great repeat
  • Take control of the main character