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بالبلدي : رسميًا.. هداية ملاك وأبو القاسم يحملان علم مصر في أولمبياد طوكيو

Officially.. Hedaya Malak and Abu al-Qasim carry the Egyptian flag at the Tokyo Olympics

belbalady The head of our delegation to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and the head of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, Hisham Hatab, decided to choose the duo, Hedaya Malak, the taekwondo champion who won bronze in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and Alaa Abu Al-Qasim, the silver medalist of the London 2012 Olympic Games, To carry the flag of Egypt at the opening of the current Olympic Games.

This came after the consultations that Hatab conducted with the leaders of the committee and the mission over the past hours, after reviewing the list of participants and identifying some criteria for the flag campaign.

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Engineer Hisham Hatab confirmed that the mission’s leadership saw sending many special messages by choosing the duo, the most important of which is motivating all players to perform and strive for achievement, and thus win the appropriate honor, including carrying the country’s flag and walking at the forefront of the Egyptian mission, and from here came the selection of a hero and a hero from the fields Olympic Games.

The Chairman of the Committee indicated that carrying the flag in the Olympic Games is a great responsibility, and it was necessary to emphasize that the mission includes champions and heroines who have prayed and toured in the Olympic Games and became more worthy to lead and accompany the rest of the male and female players towards repeating the achievements in Tokyo.

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