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OH 2021 | Tokyo 2020 | Fill the container and avoid the Olympics. I’m no stranger to windsurfing (Lavik)

Lavik qualified for the Olympics in Tokyo at Gard in 2019.

Karel Lavick

Born 1985: Ask Podjovice

Karel Lavick

Sports pools:

  • Astnak DFW (ZTM) her olympijskch (Londen – 36 metres, Rio – 31 metres)
  • Dvojnsobn vtz Super Kobo At Lake Balaton (2008, 2010)
  • 5x esk republic champion and surfing (2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015)
  • 2. msto na souti Windsurfing World Cup 2019

From the starting list of 130 members, along with a winemaker and a mart, he belonged to a group of seducers from non-Earth nations. But this was nothing new for him…

It’s definitely too small. Lavik laughs, but I don’t consider myself a complete stranger.

To do this, for the sake of his rich career, he collected a lot of rush in prestigious races, a long-term journey among the best and shows that the worlds of windsurfing can grow in Lipn.

esko will represent you at the olympics. You know it in less than two months, but his seductive gear left on May 7.

The container trip to Japan takes about 2 months, so you should drink there with some reserves before, we will not come.

7. May 2021 at 11:56, archived post: 3. June 2021 at 21:07

But we will return to you in a few years to the calm waters of the Lipno Dam. he was there.

I’m on the plane

I think I was 10 or 11 when I got up on a skateboard for the first time.

While studying at high school in Budjovice, Czech Republic, he faced a dilemma: Should I play hockey for a long time, or would I devote myself entirely to surfing?

Summer training for hockey players was very monotonous. We challenged Stromovka and strengthened. When we were outside honoring the wind, I got so nervous, I wanted to get on the plane. There was adrenaline.

At the time I started, the daily education system wasn’t a billion. It was interpreted only the individual interest of parents and children. Then everything turned out well, it’s actually such a coincidence.

Combined with this ending, he had to be famous in grammar school, who wouldn’t want to experience such an attractive discipline?

I wasn’t very good on a Wednesday, he didn’t come to my gym, that he wanted to surf, he laughed. Mon then a little bit on FTVS. I was just there among the athletes, so we enjoyed the sport in a way.


Windsurfei, in addition to equipment, needs those things – water, wind and an acceptable climate.

Wind is the fun element and water is very respectable. Especially when I’m somewhere on moi and I blow it up. It can then be very straight. Vtr is the component that provides comfort.

Karel Lavick

Karel Lavik / Personal Album

Although there may be thorns on Laban, the terms there cannot be imitated.

It is necessary to spend the dog in the winter and unfortunately not all of them can. The complete setup is associated with continuous fraud, and under circumstances or behind some competing partners.

And at the moment, on the scene, a large number of colleagues are on their way to trnink sites and to temptations. There were two basic building blocks, and now with the family in the oven, they relied more on a solid roof over their heads.

Most of the time I normally live under a hard roof, but the truck doesn’t stay. When needed, it’s an obvious choice.

house type

It is mostly prepared in Spain. You found your sweet home in Cdiz. He first spent winter preparations for Tokyo there.

This time with his family by his side.

The travel expenses were quite complicated, so we were all there. I would fly here and there, and drank for me. Incredibly we were there pt master in one piece.

In Cdiz, he was accompanied by ptelkyn and his daughter and son. While this Jenek guy will likely go due to his father’s wind halving, he will ask Maenka. Did you put it on the board?

Not yet, Lavik laughs. He has to learn to swim and load with these folds. I think it is necessary to hurry. Take the kids in the boats, they just drive. At first he had a sailboat and then at the age of ten or twelve he was surfing.

He praised the Spanish training: everything worked, you can go to the gym and, of course, to the water. It was full.

will be u

After the Olympics in London and driving in Old Guanabara in Brazil, the man in Tokyo gave him a new Olympic experience during the pandemic.

It will be a new experience on the other hand, too.

While the Czech yachting team was very broad at the Olympics, this time it will be Lavick sm.

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It’s an icon, because there’s always been a good group. We were able to gain experience during the seduction. It will be very sad for you.

The yacht ramps will take place in the port of Enoima, located tens of kilometers from the capital. Lavik knew him, in those years he competed there for the world championship.

Some experience there mm. But most of the time, when you’re fork out somewhere and you’re gearing up for a certain city, the conditions up front are the same, completely different.

It will not be the same transport time as Enoim…

The palace is completely closed and opens on July 14. This is about ten days before the first start. But I think that should be enough.

And how are you?

As the first athlete, I have the honor to go out there to win, because that’s why the sport is so long. It won’t end in the end, it will happen to me.

The introductory paragraph is the first paragraph to close the Olympic triathlon, but Lavik is certainly not allowed to change it. Keep in mind and wear…

I don’t want to ride a horse. If you persevere and qualify (until Pae 2024), this is of course not clear to you. But it’s a complete theory.

When Jaromer Geiger plays until 50, I’ll probably go somewhere that year too, laughs.