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Oka presents the "Less Lessa" festival from the album "Mohamed Salah" .. Video

Oka presents the “Less Lessa” festival from the album “Mohamed Salah” .. Video

Thank you for reading the news about Oka releases “Less still” festival from “Mohamed Salah” album .. video and now with the details of the news

Cairo – Samia Sayed – Festival singer Oka released his latest song, “Less Lessa”, on the famous video site “YouTube”, and it is the third song of his new album, which bears the name “Mohamed Salah”.

And the festivals singer Oka recently released the “Al Tat” festival, which is the second song of his new album, which bears the name “Mohamed Salah”, with words, melodies, distribution, mix and master Oka..

The festivals singer, Oka, had also released the first songs of his new album, “Mohamed Salah”, in a festival entitled “Ma’aya El Sekka”, and the song is lyrics, melodies, distribution, mix and master Oka.

Oka releases every period a song from his new album, which was called “Mohamed Salah”, and it includes 10 songs, which Oka wrote the words, put their melodies and distributed them in full, namely: “Ma’aya El Sekka”, “My Sweet Things”, “My Way”, and “Accomplished”. ”, and “Ehd”, “Mohamed Salah”, “Lasaa Lessa”, “Al-Tat”, “Aya Yabibi”, and “Hasal Eh”, and Oka relies on the diversity in themes and music, as the first album that He presents it alone after his separation from his friend Ortega.

The most prominent songs of Oka’s new album are the main song that bears the name of the same album, which is “Mohamed Salah”, which draws attention to the reason for naming his album with this name, and it is a song within his new album, but rather it is his main song, and if we search for the matter, we find that the name is not his Relationship with the Egyptian football player and player Liverpool Mohamed Salah, but this name is also due to the real name “Oka”, which is Mohamed Salah.

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The song “Mohamed Salah” deals with the story of his life and his struggle to build himself from the beginning, and the song is from his words and melodies, which he will also film as a video clip later, and Oka will release the album’s songs in turn as a song every week or two during the coming period, and all songs will be alone Without any singers in the form of a duet, the album is characterized by different songs from each other in terms of music and distribution.