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علا غانم

Ola Ghanem: I opened a hotel club in America | news

Actress Ola Ghanem was a guest on the “A Last Word” program presented by the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, after a long absence from television interviews, to reveal the reason for her absence during this period.

Ola Ghanem said that she feels a great longing for Egypt and the audience, stressing that when she visited Egypt recently, she wanted to explore whether people still love her? Do they want to see her again or not?

And she continued: The surprise was, as soon as I got to the airport grounds, all the people were frying us, we missed you, did you come back?! Thank God for the safety, I felt love and I really felt I miss people and anyone can remain happy that all people love him like this.

She revealed her feelings about the reactions to the video that she broadcast as soon as she arrived in Egypt while she was styling her hair, stressing that she did not know that the video would be broadcast quickly on social media platforms, saying: “The hairdresser told me to take this video and I kept downloading it after a while and I agreed and I did not know that before I left the hairdresser.” Sajid the video was broadcast and I found unusual reactions.”

And she added: All people called me colleagues, producers, and all colleagues in the middle and profession, and I did not know what my feeling was? Are you happy, scared, or hesitant?! When I entered the studio, I remembered beautiful memories, the sweetness of the studio, the beauty and cruelty of carrying out works and everything.

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And about the secret of her absence for four years, Ola Ghanem said: “I discovered that they were very uncomfortable with them while I was in America, because the work there is great pressure, so I need 40 hours, not 24 hours.”

Revealing that she had opened a company in the United States, in California, and a hotel for dogs, saying: “I worked as a company and opened a hotel for dogs by dyeing the dogs’ hair and shaving their hair, and achieved great success in the field because I provided service in a different way and worried about the large brands there who have 30 or 40 branches, although the I only have two branches.

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