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Old Volvo has been standing there for over 13 years, and no one knows why

Old Volvo has been standing there for over 13 years, and no one knows why

The oversized agent next to the functional gas station is an unmissable building. Behind the dusty shop window is an increasingly rare Volvo that excites collectors and enthusiasts.

Car dealerships disappear and cars remain. Ambiguous situations create visionless time capsules that are left to an unpredictable fate or committed citizens. A dilapidated car showroom in Malmedy, Belgium, is experiencing a new wave of interest. The town of 13,000 in the province of Liege is increasingly talking about the mystery of the Volvo dealership, which has been abandoned by most of the Swedish family tree’s cars, but inexplicably some angular pieces remain.

Over time, the sight of the overgrown buildings that shelter remnants of the traditional “box” setup of the 1980s became more and more frightening. Sharp-cut cars belong to the Volvo 200 series of models, and no one knows where they came from, who they belonged to, or why they’ve been sitting in one place for over 13 years.

The agent at the Malmedy gas station may have been owned by Charles Faymonville. The Volvo dealership has been closed since 2006, but the gas station is still operating. According to a local citizen’s statement, the bank closed the part of the building that contains the shop window, which means the company’s bankruptcy or other economic problems for the supplier of permanent-life cars.

Volvos from the dusty showroom are not the only Swedish representatives in the region. Newer machines are parked nearby, and when you zoom in on the ten-year-old photos, you can see the entire front of the dealership occupied by samples from the North. The parking lot in front of the store was allegedly vacated by the son of the mysterious property owner in 2014, where the vehicles were stored or conditions of transportation are unknown. The moves have been confirmed by Google Street View, but the revealing of the intriguing background to the agency’s existence is missing.

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Behind the glass, the Volvo 240 is still waiting for preservation, despite the accumulated dirt, all samples, including one American copy, look preserved. One of the time capsules also hides the rear seats, which are filled with brochures, catalogs and brochures. The writings increase the interest of collectors who join in speculation about the store’s past.

A likely bankrupt business has been replaced by a modern architectural stand for J&R Cars in the town of Waimes. The modern Volvo Distribution and Service Center has captured all customers who desire an authorized centre. Full alternative about 10 minutes drive east of Malmedy.

The number of purchases of new Volvo cars in Belgium reached twenty thousand cars annually, and in 2019 the number reached another thousand cars delivered. In 2020, interest has fallen slightly, and according to the Statista Research Department’s website, the automaker has shipped about 16,000 new sedans, hatchbacks, and station wagons.