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Olympian Dostal crashed with his partner on their way to the World Cup. How did it end?

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He went to Hungary with his partner on a Wednesday by car and the trip was really adventurous. “Something unpleasant happened to us, they smashed us on the highway. Fortunately, nothing happened to our equipment, only the flight was extended by two hours,” Dostal admits.

Szeged takes as an important form test. What should his individual performance look like? “I would like to be in fifth place, not more than two seconds later than the winner, so that it has a positive trend towards the Olympic Games,” he suggests before the start what it should look like. The time will depend on whether the wind is in the back or “the headwind will affect the times a lot. When the wind is on my back, I like to ride 3:27, when you are a cross, it can be different.”

Joseph Dostal will be one of the Czechs’ greatest hopes for a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics in the summer.

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When he goes to the event with his partner Aluf, he will be just as demanding. “In doubles, I would like to reach the finals and show the way when we are satisfied. This means that the winners do not give us much for the booth.”

As for the shape, he himself wonders how he will be on the fast water in Szeged. Dostal thinks, “The cooler spring hasn’t allowed me to run faster yet, it might be better now. He revealed that he was beaten by his doubles partner Olof in a training session.” I’m very happy about that, but again I’m happy that Radek is so busy with this world, ”he laughs.

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Aluf praises the couple’s hard work in preparing, adding under the kettle compared to last year. “We worked harder at a racing pace. We did our best in training camp in America, which was longer than usual. Now he’s more in tune with the World Cup,” he notes, when he started with Dostal in doubles two years ago, the duo finished eighth in the World Championships “We improved it to fourth place in the world championships at that time. Finals are there to compete for the best place possible.”

Brutal goals versus modesty. The Czech brothers yearn for a common goal

Even now, the thoughts of the Czech representatives in Tokyo, Japan, where the Olympic Games will be held, often do not escape. “We don’t watch it often, we focus on sports so we can get as much as possible in the crew on the boat and be better and better.” We don’t stress what the Japanese are doing, “Dostal smiled, adding that he was spending an Olympic holiday in the back of his head, so it was More careful of himself. “So I don’t think about the Olympics in everything and still.”

“I follow information from Martin Doktor, who publishes once a week what is happening in Japan and how it should look. How are they preparing there,” Aluf adds, adding that they will not play the Olympics more after these races.