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Generální sekretář Českého olympijského výboru Petr Graclík přiblížil detaily Olympijského festivalu v Brně.

Olympic festival in Brno? People will have to sign up

We will cooperate with more than thirty sports associations. Among the Olympic sports are athletics, tennis, fencing, rowing, and team sports such as soccer, cycling, and others. There will also be new Olympic sports.

What will be the procedures at the festival?

We will follow all anti-epidemic and sanitary measures in place at the time ordered by the government. We have evidence for this, which is also sanctified by cleanliness. We estimate that between two and three thousand people can be accepted into the complex. The capacity of the area is approaching four thousand visitors.

What do visitors have to meet to enter the area in Pisarki in Brno?

People will have to register in advance, and then immediately prove themselves with a valid antigen negative test or vaccination. It’s something they usually do today when they want to go to a restaurant, for example.

In recent months, information has emerged about a possible further postponement of the Olympics. do you believe that?

We are one hundred percent prepared. Anything can happen, but security measures in Japan are already extensive for everyone. Those who are essential to running athletes will arrive in Japan.

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