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O olympijské hry se rozjel velký boj.

Olympida Hackgem in a great power battle. America wants to boycott them, the hard thing: let’s put it up, they are not other sports gulag

Prague In the international version of the Olympic Charter, you will find twice as common political neutrality among the basic principles of the Olympic movement. The last few weeks have not shown that it is just black ink on a light background.

With this, North Korea announced that it will not participate in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Official reason? Protecting athletes from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the International Olympic Committee and the Japanese organizer of the postponed Games announced that they have not yet received an official opinion from the DPRK Olympic Committee.


The International Olympic Committee has not officially received enough days to exempt DPRK athletes from the obligation to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Charter, which has publicly declared the largest sporting organization on the planet.

These words were confirmed by Japanese Olympic Minister Tamago Marukawaof. She explained that in an attempt to confirm what the problem is, because the other party refuses to communicate, it will only be through video conferencing.

Will Americans compete in the Beijing Winter Olympics?

Ned Price, the US State Department spokesman, broke into the wilderness of Olympic waters the last time. We should be discussing a boycott of the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2022. In a coordinated approach by America and our allies, he has taught on Twitter et.

Olympic provinces

  • 1976 As many as 26 African countries did not go to Montreal to protest against apartheid in South Africa (rugby players played a series of fights with New Zealand, which, unlike South Africa, belongs to the Olympic family).
  • 1980 to 1984 Due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (1979), the Games in Moscow boycotted the western lands. The entrance block paid off the same coin three years later, when the Olympics were held in Los Angeles.

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reaction? Spe arbitrary and cautious. We reject a boycott, because it has been shown in the past to have negative consequences for athletes and will not have any impact on a global problem, said Susan Leonov, president of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC).

The administration of newly elected US President Joe Biden has faced a generally strong commotion since the end of January in the apolitical sports arena.

In January, Biden signed a controversial measure that would allow male-born transgender athletes to compete with women in colleges and university schools and vice versa.

In addition, the USOPC has begun to question Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter, which states that the form of protest and political, non-religious, or ethnic propaganda is not permitted in the game.

The reason is clear: the Black Lives Matter movement, which protests police brutality, racial inequality, and injustice against blacks.

So much so that the name of the acquired education

Priko’s words came in response to the State Department’s first crackdown on human rights violations. This mass day places nuns of patriotic names such as Tebbin, Uyghur, and ethnic Mughals in labor camps. Beijing opposes viewing it as an exercise by the center to help quell Islamic extremism.

It is nonsense, and, moreover, the politicization of sport is in direct contradiction to the Solympic Charter, which is a symbol of all athletes and the International Olympic Movement, in response to the US accused of changing the State Department and Li-ien.

As it turns out, he’s currently in the stars. Offer to say that the correct policy will start first.

Price has stated that there is enough time to move forward, and that he knows the voices that say the boycott will not necessarily concern the athletes, but rather their political entourage (diplomats).

After all, what is the main darkness of the final absence of the DPRK at the end of July-August in Tokyo. One week after Pyongyang announced, for change, Jin Korea announced that the International Olympic Committee had made a bid for the 2032 Joint Summer Games with its northern neighbor. This darkness was not only discussed by the parties first in Japan.

Does anyone really think the Olympics are apolitical?