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Oman agrees with international companies to launch the first satellite

Oman agrees with international companies to launch the first satellite

What is the purpose of the agreement?

To jointly explore opportunities for deep space projects for the benefit of Oman.

What does the project initially offer?

A nano-satellite that enables pioneering scientific research and high-resolution images of space.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Sultanate of Oman signed an agreement with several foreign companies to jointly explore opportunities for deep space projects for the Sultanate of Oman.

Omani media said that the emerging global technology company “ITCO”, which is based in Oman, signed the agreement with the American company “Virgin Orbit”, a leading American company in launching satellites, and “Sat Revolution”, a Polish company to manufacture and operate nanosatellites, and “ Tuatara specializes in advanced artificial intelligence, data analytics and cognitive technology solutions.

She stated that the agreement comes in succession to launch nano-satellites into low-Earth orbit, the first project of its kind in the history of space.

Under the agreement, the project will initially provide a nano-satellite that enables pioneering scientific research and captures high-resolution images of deep space, and analyzes all data and images collected, whether from missions to low Earth orbit or from deep space missions digitally using computer vision solutions, machine learning and intelligence Artificial intelligence developed by (Tuatara) in strategic partnership with (ETCO).

According to the Omani newspaper, Al Shabiba, the project aims to provide long-term benefits, including revealing hidden patterns, identifying trends, and predicting changes resulting from climate change or natural disasters.

It will also provide investment opportunities with a number of universities through academic exchange programs, in order to open new horizons for the next generation of space explorers and innovators in the space sector, in addition to investing in national talents that will build a promising future for the Sultanate of Oman.

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While the local newspaper, “Atheer”, said that the project seeks to provide added value throughout the country; “It will encourage companies to direct social responsibility programs, which will support the country in accelerating its transition to a space-related economy.”

Last October, it was agreed on the sidelines of the International Astronautical Conference, which was held in Dubai between 25 and 29 October, to launch the first local Omani satellite into space by 2022.

The project will be technologically independent, as it will collect and process data to serve the technological development of the Sultanate and support its economic growth.

A satellite can be an important part of the global imaging supply chain.