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Oman’s “Al Majd” sparks excitement under Al Wasl Dom at Expo 2020

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Until the Expo 2020 in Dubai, through Korea and Italy, through the People’s Republic of China, the Omani “Al-Majd” Folk Group created its pride in the field of folk art as it spread its heritage among various countries. Considering art and music as the message of peace that unites the whole world, Rajab Kamis, the leader of the band, expressed his delight at participating in Expo 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Emirates and Sultanate, as well as deep-rooted relations.

The 25-member band was founded in 1988, with its first participation in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the number of countries where they have performed is around 22 countries around the world, namely the United States, Korea, and The. The United Kingdom, Nepal, India, Egypt and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, China, Korea and Italy are participating in the Expo exhibitions and the Expo is landing in Dubai.

Under the dome of al-Waslin, 7 different paintings reflecting the art of many Omani governorates, such as the audience’s thirst (al-Rabba) for an introduction to the true folk art in different colors of the world, were presented and named. The Rabab machine is an integral part of the art and has long relied on rotation as this art is considered one of the toughest art performances and the challenge between them is to take part in female painting along with the male. , Only those with experience and expertise can master it. (Al-Bara ‘) is a vibrant martial art, popular in the Tafar Governorate and performed only by the male organs, and parts such as the sword and box are used.

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The Glory Troop presented the art (al-Dan) associated with marine peoples and the welcome of sailors from long voyages in the kinetic representation of pulling sailors from boats to land. Omani tradition, which (Salim Hit Saloma), and (Abu Zulf) art, adopts popular arts and crafts and the female participates in the art of Abu Sulf with the male.

As the luggage holder took part in the audience on the grounds of Al Wasl Square, the band members participating in the paintings were eager to maneuver the crowd and stimulate their enthusiasm as they moved between them and conversed with them. Enthusiasm and approval from the crowds that filled the square, and 21 of the band’s 25 members, who drew paintings in Omani Tafari costume, dominated the Topar arts, and they participated as one member. The band was keen to inform the world about the true heritage of Oman, its various governorates and its various folk arts, in addition to its role as a language of communication and peace between different peoples, in addition to its role in a comprehensive show, due to the interest it enjoys and the importance of the presence of folk arts at various international and local exhibitions. Officials are eager to send and let others know.