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Omar Al Abdallat lights up the Expo 2020 Dubai party

Omar Al Abdallat lights up the Expo 2020 Dubai party

The Jubilee Theater at Expo 2020 Dubai witnessed a successful artistic night by all standards, revived by the Arab star Omar Al Abdallat, amid a large crowd that flocked early to attend the concert, who greeted him with cheers and hot waves of applause upon ascending to the stage.

Omar Al-Abdullah moved between a large group of his old and new emotional songs, which achieved local and Arab spread, and which ignited the aspects of the theater, which enriched the concert and ignited enthusiasm, amid the audience’s chanting of the words of his songs to spread joy throughout the place.

The concert reflected the popularity and stardom of Omar Al-Abdallat, who presented one of his strongest concerts amid an unprecedented audience presence in an atmosphere of joy and joy. “Sound of Jordan” wrote a new success added to the series of multiple successes he achieved during his long artistic career.

Omar Al-Abdullah began his evening with a special greeting to the United Arab Emirates, expressing his great happiness for standing on the Jubilee Theater at Expo 2020 Dubai, which the world is witnessing from the land of the Emirates.

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