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عمر كمال يحضر مباراة برشلونة وريال مدريد ويرتدى تى شيرت الزمالك.. صور

Omar Kamal attends the Barcelona-Real Madrid match and wears a Zamalek T-shirt.. Photos

Festival singer Omar Kamal shared his fans with several photos while attending the Barcelona-Real Madrid match in Spain, as part of the matches of the tenth round of the Spanish League.

Omar Kamal in Spain Stadium

Omar Kamal in the Barcelona-Real Madrid match

Omar Kamal attends the Barcelona-Real Madrid match

Festival singer Omar Kamal will give a concert in Spain for Arab communities, tomorrow, Monday, in which he presents a variety of his songs and a number of surprises.

On the other hand, the duo, singer Omar Kamal and Abdel Basset Hammouda, will meet in a duet called “Dayna” distributed by Islam Chipsy, and it is scheduled to be released in the coming days.

Festivals singer Omar Kamal had welcomed the star Hamid Al-Shaeri’s willingness to participate with him in festival songs, during his statement while he was a guest on the “Trend Kings” program, which is shown on “Youm7” TV, and presented by journalist Adel Abdullah, in which he spoke. About his opinion of festival songs and his love for this type of songs.

And the artist Omar Kamal wrote, in a comment on “Facebook” via the “The Seventh Day” page, in response to the statement of the star Hamid Al-Shaeri, in which he expressed his desire to participate in a work of art, saying: “I am honored that I greet you only or know my name because you changed the distribution path. In Egypt for the last 30 years, and I and my entire generation have come across your beautiful songs.”

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