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عمر كمال عن استعداد حميد الشاعرى مشاركته غناء مهرجان: يشرفنى بس تعرف اسمى

Omar Kamal on the willingness of Hamid Al-Shaeri to participate in the singing of the festival: I am honored, but you know my name

Festival singer Omar Kamal welcomed the star Hamid Al Shaeri’s willingness to participate in festival songs with him during his statement while he was a guest on the “Trend Kings” program, which is shown on “The Seventh Day” TV, presented by journalist Adel Abdullah, in which he spoke about his opinion. In the songs of festivals and his love for this type of songs.

And the artist Omar Kamal wrote, in a comment on “Facebook” via the “The Seventh Day” page, in response to the statement of the star Hamid Al-Shaeri, in which he expressed his desire to participate in a work of art, saying: “I am honored that I greet you, but you know my name because you changed the course of distribution.” In Egypt for the last 30 years, I and my entire generation have come out with your beautiful songs.

Omar Kamal’s response to Hamid Al Shaeri

The star Hamid Al-Shaeri was a guest on the “Kings of Trend” program, which is shown on “The Seventh Day” TV and presented by journalist Adel Abdullah. In France at the beginning of his life, he was collecting money from this simple work, to save it and go with it to record his song.

Regarding his opinion of festival songs, Al-Shaeri said that he loves this art and listening to it, and it is possible to present a duet with a strong voice among them, for example, the singer Omar Kamal.

It is noteworthy that the star Hamid Al-Shaeri is preparing to record a new duet with the star Mohamed Mounir in a song composed by Fares Fahmy, the words of Reda Al-Masry, and distributed by Nadim Al-Shaeri entitled “Who Deserves You”, and this is the second duet that brings them together after the duet “Akeed”, which was presented in 1986.

Hamid Al-Shaeri’s last work was his participation in the clip “Crowd of Days”, which he collected with the stars of the nineties, namely, Mustafa Qamar, Hisham Abbas and Ihab Tawfiq. It is written by Sameh Al-Ajmi, composed by Ashraf Salem, distributed by Nadim Al-Shaeri, and the clip directed by Yassin Hassan.

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