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On a gold prospecting trip.. he thought it was a rock, so the surprise was more valuable

On a gold prospecting trip.. he thought it was a rock, so the surprise was more valuable

Hole took the rock home and tried everything to break it, using a rock saw, a drill, and even immersing it in water. acidHowever, he was unable to make a crack in it.

Years later, Hall discovered that the rock was meteorite rarely.

Melbourne Museum geologist Dermot Henry said: “I’ve looked at a lot of rocks that people think they are meteorites. In fact, after 37 years working in the museum and examining thousands of rocks, it turns out that only two of the exhibits are real meteorites.

The researchers published a scientific paper described meteorite Which is 4.6 billion years old, which they named Maryborough Named after the town near where it was found.

According to Science Alert, it weighs meteorite 17 kilograms, and after using a diamond saw to cut a small slice, the researchers discovered that its composition contains a high percentage of Iron.

Henry explained, “It’s available meteorites The cheapest form of space exploration, it transports us back in time, providing clues to the age, formation and chemistry of our solar system including Earth.”

Although researchers do not yet know where it came from meteorite And how long he was on Earth, they have some guesses.

About that, Henry said: “This particular meteorite most likely came from the asteroid belt Ben Mars And Jupiter, has been pushed out by some asteroids that collided with each other, and then one day hit the ground.”

According to researchers, the Maryborough meteorite is much rarer than goldwhich makes it much more valuable to science, as it is one of only 17 meteorites ever recorded in the Australian state of Victoria.

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