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On his fortieth birthday, how does Prince William prepare to become future king?

On his fortieth birthday, how does Prince William prepare to become future king?

Prince William celebrates his 40th birthday on Tuesday, and marks an important milestone for the future monarch as he quickly closes his power over the British royal family by listing his path between tradition and modernity.

He spoke this week about his desire to end homelessness in the UK after taking to the streets of London to sell The Big Issue, and has teamed up with the Duke of Cambridge social organization, which provides income for the homeless in the UK. Sell ​​copies of the magazine in the capital before writing an article that explains why it is the issue closest to his heart.

He wrote: “I was eleven years old when I went to my first homeless shelter with my mother. She was determined in her unique style to highlight a problem that had gone unnoticed and misunderstood.”

He continued, “Homelessness is an irreversible reality of life, a problem that can be solved, but I refuse to believe that it requires constant attention and a comprehensive support network.”

The prince also shared a Father’s Day photo of himself smiling with his children during a family holiday in Jordan, another twist from the more formal images that royal family members usually appear on.

Prince William, Prince George, 8, and Princess Charlotte, 7, were photographed holding their hands as they sat on their shoulders.

According to YouGov polls, Prince is the most popular monarch after Queen with a rating of 66 percent, followed by Kate with 60 percent.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said this week: “This is a very important milestone for him as he and his father, Prince Charles, continue to support the Queen and continue to create the identity of the future King.”

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As famous as Prince William is, many want him to become king beyond his father when his grandmother dies.

The 96-year-old has become increasingly influential since Prince William, the second in line to the throne, went with his father when the Queen missed out, since he began to leave his duties due to ill health and old age last year. Official Parliament Opening in May. He weighed in on important family decisions.

His uncle, who was embroiled in Prince Andrew’s scandal, is said to have been a key driver in preventing him from attending the traditional Rabat Medal of Honor this month.