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On PlayStation 1 – You can play Dead Space Dimick for free

Released in 2008, the original Dead Space became a ratings leader and set new standards for horror games. The iconic game got a full remake this year, and now the game is getting a “DEMIC”, which can best be described as a reverse remake!

“Demic” Dead Space is a redesign of the famous game, but with graphics and physics from the last century, and the purpose is to make it look like a PlayStation 1 game. Dead Space is not the first game to get a “demic”, as Elden Ring and Resident Evil 4, for example, have already been released. “Demick” is similar.

The man behind this “demic” is the independent developer Fraser BrumleyAnd you can watch the 15-minute demo on Retro Games Nostalagia.

In this “demic” you will find famous environments and places from the original game, in addition to the possibility of cutting off the limbs of enemies in a wonderful way, especially since it is all with the graphics and sounds of the PlayStation 1, right up to the health indicator shown on Isaac’s suit, it is all there! But of course, this is just a demo of the game, so don’t expect to find all the game’s content here, as only the first stage of the game is currently available.

You can download the demo for free from here this link And the size of only 198 MB. You can use the mouse and keyboard or the control hand without problems, as both of them are supported by the developer, and of course any device, whatever its specifications, is sufficient for you to run this demo, so you can use your “potato” device to play Dead Space now!

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