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فى اليوبيل البلاتنيني.. اعرف الملكة اليزابيث بتشجع مين من أندية البريميرليج

On the eve of the Platinum Jubilee, the British government presented a “music box” to Queen Elizabeth.

The British government has sent a music box to mark Queen Elizabeth’s platinum birthday, with the Prime’s Office number on Downing Street. The black front door of 10 is depicted on the cover.

According to Reuters, the 96-year-old celebrated the 70th anniversary of the British throne with an extended public holiday and a series of events, culminating in his appearance on the balcony of his palace on Sunday.

In keeping with tradition, the government marked the Jubilee as a gift, and the platinum-enamel-on-copper jukebox featured portraits of the fourteen British prime ministers they met during their reign. When opened, it plays “Hallelujah” for the handle.

“On the inside cover, you will find an inscription containing the names of the Cabinet as a symbol of his unwavering admiration and respect for his people and his commitment and service to the Commonwealth of Nations,” the Prime Minister’s Office said.

In a similar vein, the Sunday Telegraph commented on Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, calling the monarchy “magnifying Britain” and the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum victory. A symbol of unity and faith, the pride of which belongs to a woman who has served in the public service for 70 years..

70 years in the United Kingdom and the royal family may have changed the face of life, but Elizabeth II still adheres to the values ​​she inherited from her father, thus providing a connecting link. The present is the past and the moral foundation for building a better future in Britain..