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On the occasion of the World Geographic Information Systems Day..the Space Authority presents a lecture entitled “Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence”

Manama, December 04 (BNA) The National Space Science Authority presented a lecture entitled “Uses of Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence”, in the presence of 80 specialists and interested persons from various entities related to GIS sciences, on the occasion of the World GIS Day.

The lecture dealt with an overview of the most important studies and services provided by the Laboratory of Data Analysis and Satellite Images, as well as a number of key concepts related to modern methods of producing spatial maps using different types of classifications, in addition to the most important information extracted from satellite images through which real-time information can be provided. Up-to-date, accurate, and future scenarios based on the dynamic growth of the land use class, enabling decision makers to set regulatory and preventive measures according to best practices in the same field.

The lecture also touched on the most prominent applications learned from remote sensing techniques in order to provide services that meet the needs of government agencies in the same field, including monitoring air quality, studying the seas and detecting land distortions based on modern radar images.

On his participation in this event, Eng. Ibrahim Al-Burshid from the Space and Data Analysis Laboratory team at the authority said, “My participation in representing the authority on this global occasion reflects the executive management’s keenness to highlight the role of the authority and its affiliates in serving the community and striving to introduce the importance of space science and its many applications and its role in human and economic development. It also opens the way to find out the most important modern trends in space science applications, and provides opportunities for exchanging knowledge between specialists in the same field, opening up prospects for cooperation between them and exploring opportunities to establish joint projects to achieve the best results at the national level to serve the Kingdom of Bahrain, which will undoubtedly be reflected Positively achieving many achievements.

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For his part, the CEO of the authority, Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Asiri, indicated that the increased interest and direct communication that the authority is witnessing in recent times from government and private agencies and invitations to participate in events, seminars, conferences and workshops reflects the success of the efforts made to define the role of the authority and the services it provides and the importance of space sciences And its pivotal role in the service of comprehensive and sustainable development, stressing that the authority has begun to take its rightful role in many national projects and is continuing to implement its strategic plan to achieve all its objectives.

At the end of his statement, Al-Asiri expressed his thanks to the organizers of this global event for their efforts in organizing it professionally, wishing them success and success, stressing the interest of the Authority’s Board of Directors to raise the scientific and knowledge level of all employees of the Authority.


Us 0908 GMT 04/12/2021