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في طريق القمر.. أول صورة سيلفي للأرض من الفضاء

On the way to the moon.. the first selfie of the Earth from space

01:36 PM

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Cairo – Masrawy:

NASA’s Orion space capsule sent its first selfie with Earth during its journey to the Moon.

They took a selfie with Earth with a robot integrated into the camera system of the Artemis 1 mission.

A NASA rocket launched on an uncrewed trip to the moon, Wednesday, November 16. It is expected to reach its final destination after about 25 days.

Hours after liftoff, a camera mounted on one of Orion’s four solar capsule arrays rotated to capture a view of the foreground service module, with our planet half-shadowed against a black background of space.

When the images arrived, NASA’s Sandra Jones said: “Orion is looking down at Earth as it travels toward the Moon, 57,000 miles from the place we call home.”

The main purpose of Orion’s 16 cameras is to monitor how the capsule components perform from launch to the parachute-assisted descent of the re-entry vehicle into the sea, both inside and out.”

The four solar array cameras can also take pictures of the Earth, in addition to pictures of the Moon as Orion approaches it, according to the ScienceAlert website.

“A lot of people have an impression of an Earthrise based on the classic Apollo 8 snapshot. The images that will be taken during the mission will be different from what humanity saw during the Apollo missions, but capturing Important events such as Earthrise, Orion’s farthest from Earth, and flybys of the Moon will be a top priority.”