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On Thursday, most people were vaccinated one day after the vaccination began.  According to tests, 3238 - 24T24 - Česká TV increased

On Thursday, most people were vaccinated one day after the vaccination began. According to tests, 3238 – 24T24 – Česká TV increased

On Thursday, 68,286 people were vaccinated against Govt. The number of vaccines reached a similarly high level last Thursday, with 67,668 dose vaccines being administered per day. The government initially planned to vaccinate one lakh people a day after Easter, but the vaccine supply will be cut off.

From April to June, 1.179 million doses of the Kovit-19 vaccine from the Pfizer / Bioendech manufacturer will arrive in the Czech Republic in addition to scheduled deliveries, Health Minister Pet Arenberger (yes) said on Twitter on Thursday. “Gradually, we will vaccinate one lakh people a day,” he said.

Since the vaccination began in late December, health professionals have already delivered 2.35 million doses of the vaccine, and about 822,000 people have already received the two vaccines they need. People aged 65 to 69 can now apply for the vaccine from Wednesday. Minister Arenberger announced on Twitter on Friday morning that about 150,000 of them have so far registered with the organization and 35,000 of them have already registered for vaccination.

The increase in corona virus infections in the Czech Republic has been steadily declining since the beginning of March, when the number of newly confirmed cases rose to nearly 17,000. This week, the daily increase in the number of victims generally did not exceed four thousand, and on Tuesday alone there were five thousand new cases. Last week, the number of cases on weekdays increased from about five to seven thousand.

Chekhov is now the tenth largest individual in the last 14 days of all EU countries, while in March it had the highest number of infections in the Union, according to data from the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECTC). There have been 602 cases per lakh people in Chekhov in the last two weeks, up from 809 a week ago, a drop of almost 26 per cent.

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In the Czech Republic, on the other hand, 2638 people per million people are affected, the highest per capita in the world. In all, more than 28,000 victims have died in the country. Within Europe, small San Marino follows 2534 deaths per million people. Of the non-European countries, the United States and Brazil are the worst.